Miss USA and Miss Teen USA moms say daughters ‘abused’ by organization

Miss USA and Miss Teen USA may have non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) keeping them silent, but their mothers are speaking out on their behalf and accusing the pageant organization of abuse and bullying.

For the last week, the American pageant world has been rocked by the sudden dual resignations of both Noelia Voigt, ex-Miss USA, and UmaSofia Srivastava, ex-Miss Teen USA.

It’s already unheard of for a titleholder to give back her crown, but speculation about the resignations only grew when eagle-eyed fans noticed a possible secret message in Noelia’s May 6 social media post about her decision to quit. When viewed as an acrostic, the first letters of the 11 sentences in her statement spell, “I am silenced.”

UmaSofia resigned days after Noelia, claiming “my personal values no longer fully align with the direction of the organization.”

During a Tuesday appearance on Good Morning America, Noelia’s mother, Jackeline Voigt, said her daughter is indeed silenced, and will continue to be if her NDA is not lifted.

Jackeline declined to answer whether or not Noelia’s acrostic was intentional.

“The job of their dreams turned out to be a nightmare,” Barbara Srivastava, UmaSofia’s mother, said. “We could not continue this charade.”

Both Jackeline and Barbara said their daughters had never struggled with their mental health before winning their respective pageant titles. The mothers allege their daughters were bullied while employed by the Miss Universe Organization, which owns Miss USA.

“She was so upset,” Jackeline said of Noelia, 24. “This is not what she worked so hard for.

“The Miss Universe Organization needs to come out and speak to us, or apologize.”

Barbara said UmaSofia, 17, was mistreated by the Miss Universe Organization and had her personal social media accounts surveilled before her resignation. She said after seeing Noelia’s resignation, UmaSofia knew she had to return her crown too.

“It’s not about what they didn’t get,” Barbara said. “It’s about how they were ill-treated, abused, bullied and cornered.”

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