Megalopolis will have a strong release in the US

‘Megalopolis’ to have strong US release, distribution deal with Lionsgate

A big information has come out about Francis Ford Coppola’s $120 million film ‘Megalopolis’. The film, which was screened at the Cannes Film Festival last month, will be released in the US by Lionsgate on September 27.

According to media reports, this distribution deal has been done between Lionsgate and the film’s production company. Director Francis Ford Coppola is also the producer of this film. The film is made under the banner of American Zoetrope. Interestingly, another film of Lionsgate is going to be released on the same day.

The name of this horror film is Never Let Go. At the same time, Universal is going to re-release The Wild Robot and Paramount is going to re-release Interstellar on its tenth anniversary. The studio already has business relations with Coppola’s American Zoetrope banner.

The studio has released the director’s cut of many films of the filmmaker such as Apocalypse Now Final Cut, The Conversation, The Cotton Club Encore, Tucker: The Man and His Dream, and One from the Heart: Reprise. According to reports, Lionsgate Studios will also handle the distribution of Megalopolis across all home entertainment platforms.

Distributors for other countries for the distribution of Megalopolis have also been revealed.

According to media reports, Entertainment Film Distributors Ltd in the UK, Le Pacte in France, Constantin Film in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Eagle Pictures in Italy, Tripictures in Spain, Madman Entertainment in Australia, September Films in Benelux, Profilm in Bulgaria, Film Europe in Czech Republic and Slovakia, MCF Megacom Film in ex-Yugoslavia, Feelgood Entertainment in Greece, Mozinet in Hungary, Lev Cinemas in Israel, Facility Event in Morocco, Midas Films in Portugal, Independenta Film in Romania, Njutafilms in Scandinavia, and Bir Film in Turkey will release it.

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