MBTA Police chief says new contract raises will boost competitiveness

Transit Police Chief Kenneth Green said the new four-year contract approved by the MBTA Board of Directors on Thursday will boost competitiveness and increase retention at a department that was losing 10 to 12 officers per year.

The retroactive agreement between the MBTA and Police Association includes a roughly 18% wage increase over four years, from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2027. The average annual raise is approximately 4.5%, the T said in a statement.

Green, a 32-year Transit Police veteran, said the number of people applying to become police officers has declined sharply since he took his exam, from roughly 40-50,000 to 8-9,000.

“That pool is being picked out by over 300 police agencies in the state, but with this new contract, what it does is it goes a long way in helping us stabilize our department, as well as to increase the headcount of the MBTA police department,” Green said. “It makes us very competitive with other departments to obtain new hires.”

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