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COVID vaccines

Here’s my response to the Boston Herald article “Silvergate: Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s political execution,” written by Harvey A. Silvergate in support of RFK Jr. who is a major anti-vaccine advocate.

My brother, who was battling cancer, was sickened by COVID-19 in February of 2022  but since he was fully vaccinated and boosted against that hideous disease his symptoms were mild and short lived.

My brother died of cancer on July 27, 2023. If he hadn’t been vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19, he probably would have died of that disease last February.

Mike Rice


Climate activists

These climate change activists are so guided by misinformation they can’t be helped. They are just seeing climate changes that have been ongoing for centuries. In Hong Kong a recent rainstorm was said to be the worst in 140 years. So it was worse in the 19th century. Also they think they can make life-saving changes by protesting. I just saw a National Geographic program that said the fuel used to refuel a commercial jet is the same as for 4,300 motor vehicles. Do they think we can use the wind or the sun to fly that plane? Our current failed leadership is responsible for this misinformation.

John Maxwell,


Meeting on migrants

Lt. Gov. Kim Driscoll held a closed-door meeting in a members-only lounge inside the State House.  How convenient for the elected elites to meet in secret about a crisis brought on by the same people who created the problem.  The politicians work in the “peoples house” but the people are not allowed in.  Our National Guard has been called up to assist in handling an influx of illegal immigrants across our borders.  Where can we dump this influx of people?  It’s a question that never should be asked in the first place.

Donald Houghton



One of the most inspiring spectacles that makes this country so special is when there is a swearing-in ceremony for those folks that are becoming United states citizens.

It is not hateful to call this the “right way,” as part of the process is ensuring those that are coming in have good intentions, will follow our nation’s laws and be good, hard working citizens and not burdens on society.

When you foolishly allow people to walk into your home and know nothing about them you take the chance of bad actors whose first action is breaking into the country and now they are not vetted in any way.

To the sanctuary cities and towns and those that voted for that lunacy, feel free to take the risk and invite them into your homes and towns as you wish.

I prefer shaking the hands of and whole heartedly cheering on those that did it the “right way” as so many of our grandparents did decades and decades ago.

Thomas C Wahlberg



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