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Kamala Harris

Re: “Cities see migrant crisis, Harris sees ‘progress,’ ” Boston Herald editorial, Sept. 13

Along with her supporters, Vice President Harris seems to view illegal immigration as a minor inconvenience as opposed to a serious domestic policy miscalculation by her party.  Even more worrisome is her belief that throwing money at the problem via direct federal government support to migrant host countries will reverse the influx of illegal immigrants to the United States.

In her unique way, Harris seems to misunderstand human behavior.  If you offer migrants free food and shelter, they will come.

We’re now beyond the point of securing our southern border.  Biden’s Justice Department has sued the state of Texas for establishing a floating barrier in the Rio Grande.  Harris herself referred to the barrier as “inhumane, outrageous, and un-American.”  Apparently, the vice president has no love for America’s sovereignty or the safety and well-being of its citizens.

Sean F. Flaherty


Biden corruption

I applaud the Boston Herald in the Sept. 16 edition that points out there is ample evidence that President Biden was involved in corrupt activity. After watching Senator Warren ranting that the investigation into the president was pointless and there was no evidence of wrong doing, it is really disappointing when there are so many documents presented to support the wrongdoing. Democrats don’t do what is best for the country but just circle the wagons in denial.

Paul Quaglia


Red Sox

The team continues to prove that the manager can’t win if he can’t cheat and they fire Bloom. Are you kidding us? John Henry needs to concentrate on his Penguins

Stephen Lynch



Earlier this week, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer reacted to the news that President Joe Biden would be subjected to an impeachment inquiry – after being found to be tied to 20 shell corporations, having used a secret email address to correspond with his son as Vice President, and having left hundreds of classified documents lying around his garage  – thusly; “(S)ometimes you (Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy) have to tell these people who are way off the deep end and have no interest in helping the American people, who just want to pursue their own witch hunts, that they can’t go forward with (impeachment).”

Sen. Schumer had a quite different reaction to the first impeachment of Donald Trump, an impeachment now shown to be an actual witch hunt,  the product of falsified documents and unsubstantiated partisan dirty tricks. In December 2019 Schumer said, “Leader McConnell claimed that the impeachment of President Trump is illegitimate because the House voted along party lines. Forgive me, but House Democrats cannot be held responsible for the cravenness of the House Republican caucus and their blind fealty to the president.” How ironic.

As with everything in our modern politics, Democrats have no credibility and no shame, only craven partisan ideology and an insatiable lust for more broad and less assailable consolidated federal power over the American citizenry.

Nick McNulty

Windham NH


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