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Primary election

As I read the news (“YOU’RE OUT! Arroyo ,Lara ousted in preliminary,” Boston Herald, Sept. 13), my faith in our democratic system was given a necessary boost.

Both District 5 councilor Ricardo Arroyo and District 6 councilor Kendra Lara were fired by the respective constituents.

Now voters in both districts will in the November elections elect a new voice on the Boston City Council to represent them. The voters were the biggest winners of the night. The biggest losers? The woke liberal types like JP Progressives who blindly had the back of Kendra Lara because after all, the agenda is so much more important than, say, a car crash involving a driver with a revoked driver’s license in a vehicle reportedly without insurance or RMV registration.

The same kind of progressives over in District 6 stuck to their agenda too and went down in flames when the votes were counted. Agendas hit the road and now the voters will be getting a chance to elect new voices representing the actual issues facing both districts.

Government is our business and voting is our duty. The results in both these elections proves either we run the government or it runs us. On to November.

Sal Giarratani
East Boston

Migrant housing

First of all, these cities and towns’ leaders have to shut up and stop complaining and follow Martha’s Vineyard’s lead and just ship/ bus the migrants out.  These officials have been advocating that they are sanctuary cities where love trumps hate.  But now it’s different. Governor Healey was welcoming migrants into the commonwealth, but now she’s declaring a state of emergency. There is no emergency, just lack of common sense. Where are all these people who have love trumps hate signs in their yards, they should be opening their hearts, home and wallets to these migrants. But like Martha’s Vineyard leaders and residents, illegal migrants are welcome just not in my backyard.

Who would have thought, that opening our borders would have been huge and overwhelming drain on our local communities.

Political leaders and liberals activists are void of a gene, that most people possess, called the common sense gene. Now stop complaining and put on your big pants and deal with the consequences you advocated for or adhere to the oath you took and enforce the law.

Mark Howland


Tax relief

Tax relief has been at the top of the agenda at the State House for two years.  Returning dollars to citizens is getting a very slow walk and is stuck in committee even though both the House and Senate have bills that provide some relief to taxpayers. The Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation says it’s time to put tax relief into law because the state is swimming in cash and state revenue is at an all time high.  Aren’t you glad that our state is basically a one-party (Democrat) run conglomeration.  Things would not run so smoothly if the opposition party had some power.

Donald Houghton


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