Kamala Harris discusses economic opportunities in Atlanta

Vice President Kamala Harris (right) spoke at the 100 Black Men Conference in Atlanta as entertainer and moderator Steve Harvey (left). Credit: Sarah Kallis/GPB News

Vice President Kamala Harris brought her Economic Opportunity for All Tour to Atlanta for a second time on Fri., June 14. She told the crowd at the 100 Black Men of America Conference in downtown Atlanta about venture capital opportunities for small minority-owned businesses, home ownership, and debt prevention. 

Harris also spoke about policies proposed and implemented by the Biden administration aiming to close the racial wealth gap. 

“There are obstacles built into the system that have to be addressed to give people the opportunity — and it’s not about a handout,” she said in a discussion moderated by entertainer Steve Harvey. “It’s about saying give people the opportunity to compete, give hardworking people the opportunity to get ahead and not just get by.”

The vice president, who visited Atlanta in April during an earlier leg of the tour, is expected to be in the city again on Tuesday to talk about gun violence.

This story comes to Rough Draft Atlanta through a reporting partnership with GPB News, a non-profit newsroom covering the state of Georgia.

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