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Podcast host Joe Rogan gives Elon Musk credit for saving free speech in America by buying Twitter during a conversation with Riley Gaines: JOE ROGAN: If I was from another country, and I was trying to run America, how could I do this? This is how I would do it, through social media. I would have the Democrats almost universally control social media, except this one wild African-American — this one wild genius dude decides to buy Twitter. Isn’t it amazing? If he didn’t do that, we would be genuinely fucked. We would be in a real pickle. RILEY GAINES: Honestly, Twitter (or X now) is really where I get all my news. I don’t even resort to a lot of the mainstream places, at least for breaking news. Like, I’ll find it on X. So God bless Elon Musk. I think he has almost single-handedly –there have been some pivotal people or groups in this culture who have really helped turn some things around. I think the Babylon Bee has done a phenomenal jobs, but they were banned from Twitter. JOE ROGAN: Yeah, that was one of the breaking points for Elon. When he found out they were banned from Twitter, he was like, “OK, what the fuck?” RILEY GAINES: He single-handedly almost really turned this culture around. So God bless him. JOE ROGAN: He’s definitely made it take a turn, and for anybody who thinks that’s an exaggeration, needs to take into consideration that is not a business move that any corporation that wants to make money would have approved. If you’re Elon Musk, you can do it. But there’s, like, maybe five of those guys on earth that could just buy something for $44 billion that’s probably worth half that, so you can never justify it on paper. He’s an insane person who’s dedicated to free speech, who just happens to have $200 billion, so he can step in and do that. Andn when they tell him about advertising, that was one of my favorite speeches ever, he was like, “Go fuck yourself.” Isn’t that awesome? It was amazing. It was perfect. “If you’re going to blackmail me with money, go fuck yourself.” And then he goes, “Hi, Bob!” It’s amazing. Watch the full conversation here:

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