Jack Harlow Calls Out Chick-fil-A’s “Homophobic Chicken Sandwiches” in ‘White Men Can’t Jump’

Rapper Jack Harlow is making his acting debut in Hulu’s White Men Can’t Jump, which began streaming today, as a trash-talking basketball player.

A remake of the 1992 film starring Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson, this modern version of White Men Can’t Jump stars Sinqua Walls and Harlow as a pair of ballers who team up to hustle up some cash. Harlow’s character is named Jeremy, and he’s a former basketball star at Gonzaga who thought he was going pro… until an injury halted his career. He’s a pretty good baller, but an even better trash-talker, and he uses his gift on the court to unnerve his opponents. So even though the 2023 White Men Can’t Jump doesn’t manage to capture the magic of the 1992 film, it does, at least, contain a few funny jokes, from Harlow goading a man who looks like Malcolm X to asking the guy he’s blocking for his OnlyFans account.

One of Jeremy’s best zingers, is a crack he makes not about someone’s physical appearance, but about their employer—specifically, Chick-fil-A, a fast-food chain whose CEO was infamously against same-sex marriage, and makes regular donations to anti-LGBTQ organizations.

(L-R): Sinqua Walls as Kamal and Jack Harlow as Jeremy as Jeremy in 20th Century Studios' WHITE MEN CAN'T JUMP,
Photo: Peter Lovino

Here’s the set-up: Jeremy and his buddy Kamal (Sinqua Walls) are gearing up to once again hustle some basketball players out of their money. In an effort to make themselves seem like less of a threat, they let the opposing team choose their teammates. When they end up with a team of less-than-desirable players, one of the players—dressed in a red fast-food polo and black visor—asks the boys why they are going through all this trouble.

“Can’t you just buy crypto or run a credit card scam if you need cash?” asks the fast-food worker.

“You sell homophobic chicken sandwiches,” Harlow fires back, without missing a beat.

“Hey, don’t clown him for making a living,” another dude chimes in.

No one ever actually says “Chick-fil-A,” nor do you see the Chick-fil-A logo on the fast-food worker’s shirt—therefore protecting Hulu from lawsuits, I suppose—but the implication is clear. After all, what other fast-food restaurant both sells chicken sandwiches and is notoriously homophobic?

It’s a funny moment, especially for Harlow’s LGBT fanbase. First, he drops that fire verse in “Industry Baby,” by the out-and-proud queer rapper Lil Nas X. Now he’s calling out Chick-fil-A? Harlow is a truly adequate queer ally.

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