Israel’s Lessons in Gaza Will ‘Save American Lives’

Israel’s military lessons learned from battling Hamas in Gaza, amid diverse modern warfare challenges, are set to significantly improve U.S. military readiness and “save American lives,” according to retired United States Army major and urban and subterranean warfare expert John Spencer, who highlighted the strategic importance of adapting such insights to enhance American tactical responses and training protocols.

Spencer, a world-renowned expert on urban combat who serves as chair of urban warfare studies at the Modern War Institute (MWI) at West Point and who recently returned from a visit to Israel’s front lines, argued that Israel’s actions in Gaza “will be studied by many militaries.”

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Israel Police

“The lessons learned by Israel in Gaza — from dealing with the information warfare in the age of social media, facing an enemy in an urban defense they prepared for 15 years, facing an enemy using lawfare, human shields, trying to get their own population killed, and prevent humanitarian efforts to aid their entire population to the immense challenge of underground warfare…. will make the U.S. military better and more ready to face future challenges,” he wrote.

“It will save American lives,” he added.

Drawing on historical precedents, Spencer pointed to the U.S. military’s deep analysis of Israel’s strategies during its 1973 Yom Kippur War, which led to significant tactical reforms.

“By March 1974 the U.S. military had opened no fewer than 37 separate studies on Israel’s action during [the] Yom Kippur War, including one seven volume data report on weapon systems still classified today,” he noted. “American servicemen walked the battlefields with Israeli military commanders who hard fought on them quickly after the war ended.” 

“The lessons caused major changes, especially in the U.S. Army,” he concluded. “Gaza will be equally impactful.”

The longstanding U.S.-Israel alliance has significantly enhanced both nations’ military, security, and technological sectors, helping the U.S. integrate Israeli innovations to maintain a competitive edge globally. The alliance also facilitates vital intelligence sharing, especially on regional threats and counterterrorism, enhancing U.S. national security. 

In addition to bolstering regional stability, cooperation between the two countries has significantly advanced critical military technologies, like missile defense, while also strengthening economic links as U.S. tech firms build major R&D centers in Israel, driving key innovations across multiple sectors, including cybersecurity and medical technology.

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The collaboration in military research and technology, leveraging Israel’s advanced capabilities and combat experience, is invaluable for U.S. defense innovation.

In April, Spencer warned of setting a dangerous precedent if Hamas is allowed to survive, while slamming countries who are “playing [right] into Hamas’s strategy” by attempting to halt Israel’s operations in Gaza aimed at destroying the terror group’s capabilities.

In January, he slammed Hamas’s use of “human sacrifice” tactics and warned that if Israel did not completely dismantle the terror organization that “massive genocidal attacks” and the taking of civilian hostages would be replicated by terrorists across the globe.

In November, Spencer described the mission being carried out by the IDF in Gaza as “very successful,” while deeming Hamas an “existential threat” whose strategy is to “create their own civilians’ deaths and get the world to react” in order to prevent the IDF from eliminating their military capabilities — “and it is working.”

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