Iran: Iranian FM expresses condolences to earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani expressed condolences to the earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey on Monday during a press conference in Tehran.

“Considering the extent of this bitter incident and, unfortunately, the reported high amount of human casualties imposed on the friend, neighbour, and Muslim country Turkey and considering the similar heavy casualties imposed on Muslim, friend and regional [neighbour] Syria, I deem it necessary to offer my condolences to the nation and government of Syria and Turkey,” he said.

Nasser Kanaani also spoke at length about the conflict in Ukraine, stating: “We again reject any supply of arms and equipment, including drones, for use in the war in Ukraine; we have stated this several times”.

On the Iranian nuclear issue, Nasser Kanaani noted, “Diplomacy dynamic still exists regarding nuclear negotiation and negotiation for removing sanctions.”

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