Iran: Biden incites ‘chaos, terror, and destruction’ – Raisi on US Pres calling Iran’s govt ‘oppressive’

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said that his US counterpart Joe Biden ‘incites chaos, terror and destruction’ in the nation, speaking on Sunday from Tehran after Biden sided with the protesters in Iran.

This friction, said Raisi during Iran’s cabinet session, proves that ‘the US is in the back of subversive actions, terrors, riots and disorder in the region and the world.’

“It’s strength our conviction that any initiative and good things that happen to Iran make the US angry and upset,” Raisi said.

“Any problems, flaws, and insecurity, that have been made by them, happen to us, make the US happy. Our nation should know the US and the crimes of the US more than before,” the Iranian leader added.

Biden sided with Iranian protesters on Sunday, as he said the Iranian government is so ‘oppressive’ and people ‘can’t have anything but an enormous amount of respect’ for those marching in the streets.

The current popular uprising against the Iranian government sparked after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, detained by the ‘morality police.’ The riots have been going on for over 30 days.

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