I had a rock in my eye for 50 years — doctors dismissed my concerns

Thought having a stone in your shoe was annoying? How about one in your eye … for over half a century?

That’s right, a Spanish woman lived with a pebble in her peeper for an eye-popping 54 years — which she blames on being dismissed by doctors for much of her life.

“We went through over 20 doctors, and they all treated me like I was crazy,” the 62-year-old patient, identified only as Domi, told Jam Press.

The “terrible” freak accident unfolded in 1965, as Domi, who was 8 at the time, played with a garden hoe in a field.

She reportedly struck a rock, causing a piece to break off and fly into her eye. Significant bleeding ensued.

Domi is due to collect over $97,000 in court-ordered compensation from a Spanish medical organization.
Jam Press

But when Domi said she went to the doctor’s office, her concerns were downplayed.

This sparked a Sisyphean saga in which the Spaniard claimed to have visited 20 physicians, with similar results.

And while her eye calmed down between the ages of 14 and 18, she continued to seek medical attention because she knew the rock was still there.

She described going to one “expert” at 28 after experiencing eye pain, only to have the doc question her mental health.

During another fruitless visit, in 1996, an ophthalmologist detected something strange in an ultrasound and CT scan, but ultimately misdiagnosed it as a cyst.

“Each one analyzed the report of the previous doctor and acted based on that,” lamented the sorrowful senior. “I used to leave their office in tears.”

The rock in Domi's eye.
“We went through over 20 doctors, and they all treated me like I was crazy,” lamented Domi.
Jam Press

It wasn’t until 2019, during a surgical procedure in Badajoz, southwest of Madrid, that medics finally found and removed the errant rock, Domi explained.

Accompanying pics from the surgery show the literal eyesore bulging beneath the surface of her orb like some grotesque contact lens.

That same year, Domi decided to launch legal proceedings against Extremadura Health Service, which she blamed for her lengthy struggle.

“It was then that I filed a complaint and took the appropriate legal action,” declared Domi, who is due to receive $97,000 in court-ordered compensation.

This isn’t the first time a person has had to live with a foreign object inside them due to alleged medical malpractice.

More recently, a woman finally had a strip of gauze removed from her body over two decades after a forgetful physician reportedly left it in her intestine during a procedure.

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