Here we go again with Trump, Biden

The 2024 upcoming rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is like a replay of the Iran/Iraq War (1980-1988), a war in which most observers rooted for both sides to lose.

This is what America is facing in 2024, and nobody likes it. Most people would like both men to go away.

In the Middle East, after eight years of fighting, and a stalemate — and some one to two million casualties — both Iran and Iraq agreed to a United Nations settlement to end the war.

It is too bad Biden and Trump cannot do the same. Where are the clowns at the UN when you need them?

That settlement allowed both Iran and Iraq to claim victory, which they did, much like Biden and Trump both did in 2020.

Biden won, of course, but Trump claimed that he won too, despite the results.

So now both are getting it on again as both candidates have a lock on their party’s nomination even though no primary votes have yet been cast.

Last week’s Wall Street Journal Poll, in a two-man race, had Biden and Trump tied at 46% each with 8% undecided. The polls showed that more than 70% of people polled think Biden is too old to run again.

The Journal poll also showed that more than 60% of Republican voters believe that the four indictments against Trump were politically motivated, and that 78% believed that his actions challenging the results were legitimate.

It also showed that each time Trump gets indicated by a politically motived Justice Department or a pair of Democrat district attorneys, he rises in the polls.

If this is not a wake-up call at the Biden White House than nothing is.

That is because this time, unlike 2020, Trump the challenger can go after Biden’s dismal record as president, something he could not do before because Biden had no record worthy of attack.

And this time he will not have the corrupt mainstream media covering up for him as much as it did in 2020 when it allowed him to campaign from his basement and dodge questioning.

Yet, the progressive mainstream media hates Trump so much that it cannot see straight let alone do any straight reporting. It is not that they love Biden, it’s just that they can’t stand Trump.

It is so bad that they have no problem with Biden even though they cannot get him to stand still for a question or two. Biden answers no questions, holds no press conferences, does no interviews, and does not report to the people on important issues, like the war in Ukraine.  And it is all fine with the establishment media.

This time it could be different, though. Unlike 2020, this time Joe Biden has a lot to answer for, beginning with Hunter Biden and the millions in foreign payments he brought into the Biden family through influence peddling.

And it is only a matter of time before Republican members of Congress directly connect Joe Biden to is son’s foreign business dealings and direct payments to “the big guy” from China and elsewhere.

And that will blow up the myth that Joe Biden knew nothing of his son’s deal making schemes with business thugs in Ukraine, Russia and China.

Domestically, Biden is underwater on inflation and the economy with soaring food and gas prices and the general rise in costs of everything else. He has turned the country into an economic Burning Man Festival.

The working stiff and the middle class are living paycheck to paycheck under Bidenomics and everybody, except Biden, seems to know it.

Crime is out of control in the cities, mostly run by Democrats, across the country and the frightening development is not even worthy of a shrug from Biden.

And the crime problem has been exacerbated by Biden’s brainless open border policy that has seen illegal immigrants overwhelm unprepared cities with s Biden waves into the country and then walks away from.

All the while Biden smiles at Trump’s trials.

Iran or Iraq, pick one.

Peter Lucas is a veteran Massachusetts political reporter and columnist.

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