Herald endorses Jerome King, John FitzGerald for City Council

Call it coincidence or karma, but the trio of Boston City Councilors embroiled in recent scandals are all up for re-election this fall. We’ve weighed in on the races for District 5 (Ricardo Arroyo, incumbent), and District 6 (Kendra Lara, incumbent), and we complete the hat trick with Tania Fernandes Anderson, running for her District 7 seat.

Fernandes Anderson made her mark by admitting to violating the state’s conflict of interest law by hiring her sister and son to paid positions on her staff. She agreed to pay a $5,000 fine.

The State Ethics Commission said in July that Fernandes Anderson appointed her sister and son to full-time positions in 2022, her first year on the City Council. She also chose to increase their salaries, and in the case of her sister, award a $7,000 bonus.

Her oops-apology came in a tweet: “I messed up and should have paid attention to those training videos.”

The ethical edict of not hiring relatives and giving them raises should be a moral given.

It was also Fernandes Anderson who, as head of the Council’s budget process, who moved forward an amendment to cut $31 million from the Boston Police Department. She blamed Mayor Michelle Wu for not settling the BPD contract.


District 7 needs a reset, and that calls for Jerome King.

King has an impressive resume of working for the betterment of people: as community development volunteer for the Salvation Army, community coordinator with Greater Four Corners Action Coalition, and as an executive board member of No Pressure on Us Youth Foundation.

King has also worked at the Massachusetts Department of Human Services.

He may not have a hefty political resume, but his experience in organizations giving substantive help to Bostonians who need it makes King a standout.

Boston is battling homelessness, an opioid crisis, food insecurity, and the crisis at Mass and Cass. We need someone who knows the ropes of getting solutions to those who suffer.

The Boston Herald endorses Jerome King for District 7.

When a valued employee leaves an organization, the person they recommend to fill their shoes comes with the imprimatur of their endorser’s experience and wisdom.

Thus is the case of John FitzGerald, running for the council seat open by the departing Frank Baker.

“When I announced earlier this year that I would not be seeking re-election, it was important to me that the next City Councilor for District 3 be someone who is committed to fighting for our community on the City Council with the experience necessary to get the job done, I do not doubt that person is John FitzGerald,” said Baker.

FitzGerald, son of legendary Mission Hill State Rep. Kevin Fitzgerald, knows how the sausage is made, how to get it made the right way, and what not to put in the recipe. He worked for former Mayor Marty Walsh (who also endorses him), and as Deputy Director of Real Estate Operations at Boston Planning & Development Agency

As Boston leaders work to secure affordable housing for residents, this background will be invaluable.

Boston needs experienced, level-headed leadership like this to get the city moving forward from a position of strength.

The Boston Herald endorses John FitzGerald for District 3.


Editorial cartoon by Gary Varvel (Creators Syndicate)
Editorial cartoon by Gary Varvel (Creators Syndicate)


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