Gordon Ramsay hospitalized after a bike accident in New England

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The celebrity chef shared a public service announcement about wearing helmets after a bike accident in Connecticut put him in the hospital.

Gordon Ramsay hospitalized after a bike accident in New England
Gordon Ramsay, seen here during a 2022 interview with the Boston Globe, shared on X that he was in a bike accident in Connecticut and hospitalized last week. Jessica Rinaldi/Boston Globe

A bike ride in New England put celebrity chef Gordan Ramsay in the hospital last week, news he shared on his X account in a public service announcement on the importance of wearing helmets.

“An important #FathersDay message from me…WEAR A HELMET!” Ramsay tweeted on Saturday. 

Ramsay was in Connecticut at the time of the accident, he said in the tweet, and was treated at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital in New London for his injuries. In a video with the tweet, Ramsay shared he was still in pain and showed off a giant purple bruise across most of his left waist. 

He gave thanks to the doctors, nurses, and staff for their care after the accident, but added that he was “most thankful for my helmet that saved my life.”

“Honestly, I’m lucky to be here,” Ramsay said in the video. “You’ve got to wear a helmet. I don’t care how short the journey is. I don’t care about the fact that these helmets cost money. They’re crucial.”

The Hartford Courant reports that Ramsay has been spotted in Mystic, Connecticut multiple times to film two seasons of Hell’s Kitchen at Foxwoods Resort Casino, the location of one of Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen restaurants. Multiple restaurants in Mystic have shared photos of Ramsay’s visits over the past couple of months, according to CT Insider.

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