GOP a ‘Fascist Movement’ Willing to Use Violence to Acquire Power

Left-wing radio host Dean Obeidallah said Friday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that the Republican Party is a “fascist movement” that will use violence to acquire power.

Obeidallah said, “Apparently, yesterday was bring a terrorist to work day because that’s the reality. What so angers me is that January 6 was an act of domestic terrorism. That’s what Christopher Wray, the FBI director, testified before the House and Senate. Those Republicans know, Ted Cruz even leaked out one saying it was an act of terrorism. Then, he had to apologize for telling the truth. They welcomed a terrorist to the Capitol yesterday. This is like welcoming Bin Laden to Ground Zero 3 1/2 years after 9/11. They go to the Capitol where they cheer him, sang songs, gave him a baseball from the Congressional baseball game the day before.”

He added, “Today’s GOP is how democracies die, and that’s historically accurate. It is not a democratic party. It’s not a political party as we know it. It’s a fascist movement that’s anti-democratic that will use violence to acquire power and retain power. Look what’s coming now on November 5th. Who knows what they have in store for us and the danger part is the GOP will all line up no matter what Trump asks of them. That is what makes them so dangerous.”

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