Germany: ‘Negotiate instead of sending tanks’ – Dozens gather in Berlin to protest arms deliveries, call for peace

Dozens of The Left party supporters gather in Berlin to protest arms deliveries and call for peace in Ukraine, as footage filmed on Sunday shows.

The anti-war demonstration rallied under the motto ‘Stop the spiral of escalation – negotiate instead of sending tanks.’

“Only a negotiated peace will help to bring this miserable dying of Ukrainians and the terrible suffering of the civilian population to an end, ensure that there must be lasting peace in Europe again,” Martin Schirdewan, one of the party leaders said.

On Wednesday, the German government approved the supply of 14 Leopard tanks from Bundeswehr stocks to Ukraine. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz emphasised that this decision was the result of ‘intensive consultations’ with allies and international partners.

On Thursday, Russian presidential spokesperson Dmitri Peskov claimed that Moscow saw the supply of weapons by Western countries to Ukraine as ‘direct involvement’ in the conflict.

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