Germany: Govt spox claims Leopard 1 tank deliveries to Ukraine is ‘not participating in war’

German Government Spokesperson Steffen Hebestreit confirmed an export license for older type Leopard 1 delivery to Ukraine has been granted, speaking during a press conference in Berlin on Friday.

“Ukraine receives financial, political, humanitarian and also military support from a whole series of States and Germany is one of these states, which intensively support Ukraine in its defensive struggle. But these are aid deliveries, support services, not participating in war and that is certainly also very clear to the Russian President,” he said.

German Government Spokespersont added export license for the delivery of Leopard 1 tanks ‘is provided by an affected company, because they are the ones who have the devices and want to export them’.

Hebestreit also named the three guiding principles of the German Government mentioning ‘massive support for Ukraine’, neither NATO nor Berlin becoming a warring party in the conflict and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s decision ‘to proceed in close coordination with international partners, above all the United States of America’.

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