France: ‘I am revolted by what is happening’ – Thousands of workers rally in Paris to demand higher minimum wage

Thousands of workers from several different sectors went on strike in Paris on Thursday to demand a higher minimum wage amid soaring inflation and rising energy bills.

The protest was organised and led by the CGT union and was comprised of medical workers, railway operators, and school teachers among others.

“Really, we are demonstrating for the purchasing power, already for one, for the recognition at work and for better working conditions. As you know, since the COVID pandemic, the problem at the hospital has deteriorated considerably and the political power has not taken measures to give us the means to work,” said medical worker Jacques.

“I am revolted by what is happening in this country. I am always watching TV, the debates in the Assembly and all that. And really, it is hopeless. Young people have to come. It is not enough to complain, they have to come,” added a second protester.

According to reports, the annual inflation rate in France was 6.2 per cent in October 2022, the highest rate since 1985.

France’s minimum hourly gross wage is currently 11.07 euros which translates to 1,678.95 euros per month on a weekly contract of 35 hours.

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