for life, liberty and equality for all

(Fatima Shbair | AP) Palestinians mourn their relatives killed in the Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip, outside a morgue in Rafah, southern Gaza, Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2024.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu boasted in the “Times of Israel” (Feb. 19) that for decades he has blocked the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Netanyahu’s vision is simple. Between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea there will be no liberty for Palestinians, no equality for Palestinians, and thus no fraternity between Palestinians and Israeli Jews.

While the world focuses on the carnage in Gaza, little notice is given to the other occupied Palestinian territories. Since Oct. 7, in the West Bank where Hamas has little presence, Israeli settlers and security forces have killed hundreds of Palestinians and injured thousands, according to U.N. sources.

Let’s be clear-eyed about this. While the media talks about a war between Israel and Hamas, in truth it’s Netanyahu’s war against all Palestinians.

Sadly, billions of American taxpayer dollars are given to this mad man. Unfortunately, it gets worse.

Netanyahu not only desires the destruction of Palestinians but also of Iran. He and his supporters have suggested on numerous occasions that the United States should directly attack Iran. A war such as this would cost America hundreds of billions of dollars and put at risk tens of thousands of American servicemen’s lives.

Every day that goes by without a ceasefire and meaningful negotiations is an opportunity for Netanyahu to expand the crisis. If calling for a ceasefire needs to be more than just an impassioned plea to stand against genocide, then consider this. It is a clarion call to protect the lives of American soldiers, many of whom call Salt Lake their home. It’s a clarion call to not burden future generations with billions of dollars of debt from another unnecessary war. But most importantly, it’s a clarion call to reaffirm our values as Americans: for life, liberty and equality for all.

Mahan Khalsa, Salt Lake City

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