Egypt: ‘Don’t choose extinction’ – Frankie the Dino appears at COP27 with a message for humanity

‘Frankie the Dino’ made an appearance at the COP27 summit in Sharm El-Sheikh to raise awareness about climate change and the mass extinction of wildlife and habitats on Thursday.

The eco-warrior reptile proved popular among attendees at the climate summit as curious crowds gathered to take pictures.

Frankie was accompanied by his minder, Boaz Paldi, Chief Creative Officer of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), who kindly shared the dinosaur’s message with journalists.

“Frankie says that dinosaurs went extinct, They went extinct because of a giant asteroid. What we’re doing now is as if dinosaurs were paying for giant asteroids to hit the earth for years before they hit the earth. We are paying for our own demise, We have to stop that, We have to take urgent action, We have to realize where we’re going and take a different path,” Paldi explained.

“Frankie came to COP to really kind of try and emphasize the need for urgent action on de-carbonization, on fossil fuel subsidy reform and really about all types of climate action,” he added.

Last year, ‘Frankie the Dino’ gave a speech at the UN General Assembly as part of a climate change campaign film.

Representatives from over 190 countries will attend COP27, with discussions focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the transition to green energy and funding for climate action.

Heads of State, ministers and negotiators, as well as climate activists and representatives from civil society and business, will look to build on the pledges of past conferences and focus on achieving the legally binding targets of the 2015 Paris Agreement.

COP 27 continues until November 18.

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