Early Addition: New Jersey high school boys basketball semifinal to be settled in court

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Good Friday morning in New York City, where the refund for returning bottles and cans could soon double.

Here’s what else is happening:

  • The head of the MTA’s biggest union, which once supported congestion pricing, is now promising a “massive confrontation” because the tolling program — which has yet to take effect — hasn’t corresponded with an “increase in express bus service.”
  • In honor of Women’s History Month, Culture Club LIC in Queens is staging an exhibition featuring the metal-based art of 30 female welders.
  • New Jersey’s Manasquan High School, which appeared to beat Camden High School with a buzzer-beater shot in the boys basketball state semifinal, is challenging the outcome of the game (the refs waved off the basket and gave Camden the win) in court.
  • Wishing only the best for the Bushwick Erewhon.
  • The New Colossus indie music festival, which mostly highlights international bands, is back in New York City this weekend.
  • These dudes are the Jordan and Pippen of collegiate cornhole.
  • This dude is the Jordan of collecting VHS tapes of “Titanic.”
  • Moving back in with your parents is cool now, according to Zoomers.
  • And finally, not close:

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