Donald Trump is exactly the wrong leader to keep us out of WWIII

A photo provided by the U.S. Department of Defense shows the mushroom cloud caused by the Trinity nuclear test, on July 16, 1945. (U.S. Department of Defense via The New York Times)

After WWI, where 20 million people lost their lives, the leaders of the world were exactly the wrong people to keep another world war from happening. They were pride-filled aristocratic bullies who didn’t understand that the world had changed and that cooperation between nations and solid alliances would be the only way to prevent massive wars from now on. These leaders refused to support the League of Nations. Twenty years later, these same leaders couldn’t keep us from sliding into WWII, where 75 million more people died and the world was again in shambles.

After WWII, countries finally realized that the only way to stop or reduce future aggression and wars was to have nations band together into strategic defensive alliances where, if one member nation was attacked, all other member nations would come to its defense. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is the largest and most successful of these alliances. For over 70 years, NATO has protected its member nations from a third world war.

Donald Trump is exactly the wrong leader to keep us out of WWIII. Like the WWI leaders, his playground bully attitude and his “my way or the highway” business philosophy are exactly the wrong ingredients to promote cooperation and alliances among nations.

Today, Trump not only wants to wreck NATO, but also he emboldens Vladimir Putin and other bully leaders to do “whatever the hell they want” to weaker nations.

If WWIII happens this decade, and if the same percentage of the world’s population is killed as what happened in WWII, over 270 million people will die. With nuclear fallout, perhaps all 8 billion of us will perish.

So, I ask you: Is there any other campaign issue more important to you and your family than this?

Douglas Mavor, Ivins

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