Dems shut out Hunter Biden to bolster president

Hunter Biden best not look to dad Joe Biden’s pals for any favors these days.

The Big Guy’s cohorts in the Democratic party are throwing Hunter under the bus.

On Thursday, Hunter Biden was indicted on federal firearms charges, according to reports. He is accused of lying about his drug use when he bought a firearm in October 2018. This indictment comes weeks after the collapse of a plea deal that would have averted a criminal trial.

Back in May, the president was on Team Hunter as initial tax and firearms charges were in the works.

“First of all, my son has done nothing wrong,” Biden said in an interview with Stephanie Ruhle, host of “The 11th Hour on MSNBC.” “I trust him. I have faith in him.”

Asked how charges against his son could impact his presidency, Biden said “It impacts my presidency by making me feel proud of him.”

But the elder Biden can’t afford another sandbag ahead of the 2024 presidential election. His poll numbers are abysmal, his public appearances are drawing attention to his age, and inflation is still having a major impact on ordinary Americans.

On Tuesday, Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy opened an impeachment inquiry into President Biden based on the House GOP’s investigations of his family’s foreign business dealings and the prosecution of Hunter Biden.

On cue, Democrats started circling the wagons to separate the president from his son’s scandals.

“The evidence suggests Hunter Biden is guilty of unethical and/or illegal behavior. The evidence suggests Joe Biden is guilty of absolutely nothing more than being a father,” Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips (Minn.) posted Tuesday on X, formerly known as Twitter.

That’s a far cry from the party line that the Hunter Biden laptop was nothing more than Russian disinformation, a claim ultimately proven wrong.

Now the knives are out, not just to jab Hunter, but to slice him away from any association with his candidate father.

As The Hill reported, House Republicans have undertaken a widespread investigation into Hunter Biden, looking into his time on the board of a Ukrainian energy company while his father was vice president.

A former business associate of Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, testified in July to the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability. Lawmakers said Archer’s testimony included assertions that Hunter Biden sold the “illusion of access” to his father, and the younger Biden sometimes put his father on speakerphone to talk to these business associates.

Hunter has been photographed with his father a lot in the runup to Thursday’s charges – going to church, boarding Marine One, attending state dinners. Now he’s radioactive, politically speaking, and it’s unlikely he’ll be in the picture anytime soon.

What’s particularly ironic/repugnant is that if the names were changed from Biden to Trump the Democratic and media reaction would have been seismic.

As it is, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) ripped McCarthy over the impeachment inquiry. He described the investigation as “a kangaroo court, fishing expedition and conspiracy theater rolled into one.”

That sounds awfully familiar.


Editorial cartoon by Steve Kelley (Creators Syndicate)
Editorial cartoon by Steve Kelley (Creators Syndicate)




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