Copyleaks Study Finds Explosive Growth of AI Content on the Web

Since ChatGPT arrived on the net in 2022, AI-generated content has soared more than 8,000%, according to a study released Tuesday by Copyleaks. The study, which covers a period from 2013 to March 2024, found a surge of 8,362% in AI content on the internet from November 2022, when ChatGPT-3.5 was released, to March 2024.

When OpenAI released ChatGPT-3 in June 2020, there was only a modest increase in web pages containing AI content. That changed with the release of version 3.5. Since then, 1.57% of some one million web pages analyzed for the study contain AI-generated content, noted Copyleaks, which offers AI-based text analysis and plagiarism services.

“That 1.57% is massive, considering the amount of time AI technology has been available,” Chris Rodgers, founder and CEO of CSP, a specialized SEO agency in Golden, Colo., told TechNewsWorld.

The surge in AI content is primarily fueled by significant advancements in natural language processing and deep learning technologies, explained Copyleaks CEO and co-founder Alon Yamin.

“These advancements have made it easier and faster to generate high-quality text, enabling AI models like ChatGPT to produce human-like content efficiently,” he told TechNewsWorld.

“Additionally,” Yamin continued, “the demand for scalable and cost-effective content creation across various industries, such as e-commerce, marketing, and media, has further propelled the adoption of AI-generated content, driving its exponential growth on the web.”

AI Content Surge No Surprise to Industry Experts

Technology watchers aren’t surprised by Copyleaks’ findings.

“AI is getting a ton of hype pushing more and more people to try these AI tools,” noted Rob Enderle, president and principal analyst at the Enderle Group, an advisory services firm in Bend, Ore.

“The tools mostly work reasonably well and are relatively easy to learn and use,” he told TechNewsWorld. “They allow you to create decent content far more quickly, resulting in greater proliferation than pre-AI tools.”

One group that immediately saw the value of AI content was one in a position to flood web pages with it. “This might not be a popular thing to say, but give marketers any chance to take a shortcut to success, and it will be used,” declared Joe Karasin, CMO and founder of Karasin PPC, a marketing agency in Lapeer, Mich., that specializes in Google ads.

“This is why automated bidding in Google Ads is so popular,” he told TechNewsWorld. “Instead of having to do the math and the legwork to be competitive, it operates on a principle of ‘set it and forget it.’”

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