Contrary to Utah officials’ endorsement letter, Trump couldn’t lead us to our core values if his criminal life depended on it

(Eduardo Munoz Alvarez | AP) Flanked by his attorneys Chris Kise, left, and Alina Habba, former President Donald Trump waits to take the witness stand at New York Supreme Court, Monday, Nov. 6, 2023, in New York.

It is beyond disturbing but not surprising to read that over 100 Utah legislators and the state’s attorney general officials signed an endorsement letter written by Republican Speaker Mike Schultz for Donald Trump.

They said that “now more than ever before, the United States needs a leader who will guide us back to our core values and to a more secure future.”

The former twice-impeached, disgraced insurrectionist President Trump couldn’t lead us to our core values if his criminal life depended on it. His big nefarious lie about a stolen election has not only cost our nation lives of the brave law enforcement officers trying to protect the Capitol, the peaceful transfer of power and the lives of our lawmakers, it has cost us world wide disrespect and the fraying of our fragile democracy while increasing division.

Donald J. Trump is only running again to stay out of prison, pardon himself and unleash his revenge on his political opponents. He openly invites Vladimir Putin to strike against our NATO allies and daily incites violence against fellow Americans. Trump is likely to push out civil servants and install his loyalists in more government offices and challenge norms through the significant use of his executive powers. He promises to re-exit the Paris Agreement, roll back the Inflation Reduction Act’s green aspects, such as the EV tax credit, and end Joe Biden’s incoming green regulations on fuel efficiency standards and emissions limits for plants. Trump also promises to end support for Ukraine against Russia and try to negotiate a deal with Russia ending the war. Trump promises to be an asset to Putin and weaken NATO.

This now-convicted sexual offender and fraudulent businessman on top of his other pending criminal trials, only cares about himself, grifting and filling his coffers.

The shamefully hypocritical 100 Utah lawmakers are part of the daily GOP circus of lies, greed, and their unquenchable thirst for power at any cost. Trump’s nomination and potential win next November will set our country back in the wrong direction which we may never recover from and never forget we are still trying to recover from his incompetent presidency, his hate, lies, corruption and broken promises.

If Trump were to win the general election the American experiment as we know it will be over and our democracy will end on day one of his vindictive regime.

Jody Plant, Salt Lake City

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