Choosing to slow-walk crucial Trump court cases, judges are now guilty of election interference

(Jose Luis Magana | AP) The U.S. Supreme Court is seen before sunrise on Capitol Hill in Washington, March. 21, 2022.

Donald Trump is awaiting trial in New York on charges that he unlawfully attempted to interfere in an election by deliberately suppressing, or at least delaying, the release of information that voters needed to timely evaluate his suitability for office.

Judge Aileen Cannon — in the documents case — and the Supreme Court — in the presidential immunity case — are now committing that very same crime. By choosing to slow-walk these court cases, these judges are deliberately delaying and suppressing information that voters need to evaluate Trump’s suitability for office. Neither an ex-president, nor these judges, should be above the laws that they personally have sworn to uphold.

Bill Cosgrove, Cottonwood Heights

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