Celtics players read dad jokes in celebration of Father’s Day


Jayson Tatum, Luke Kornet, and more played along. Jrue Holiday wasn’t as amused.

Celtics players read dad jokes in celebration of Father’s Day
Deuce and Jayson Tatum go 1-on-1 before a game. Barry Chin/Globe Staff

It could be a memorable couple days in Boston, with Father’s Day on Sunday and a potential Celtics championship Monday.

The Celtics – perhaps in an effort to get the vibes right after a Game 4 debacle – posted a video Sunday morning with players reading dad jokes. As the social media post notes, the players “weren’t overly impressed” – well, some of them, at least.

Derrick White, who appears to have one of the more “dad-jokey” personalities on the roster, correctly guessed the first one: “Why are adventurous people bad at basketball?”

“Because they travel,” White said.

Jrue Holiday did a fake laugh when he turned the card over and sarcastically said: “That was a good one.”

Jayson Tatum gave a not-so-subtle jab at Kyrie Irving when asked why the bicycle fell over. “Because the world was flat?”

Oshae Brissett correctly guessed that an astronaut’s favorite part of the computer is the space bar. White said that was their best one. Brissett suggested that they try dad joke master Luke Kornet.

“What musician/artist to centers dance to?” Kornet read.

“I am a center. Uh, since I’m being honest about myself, the Moana soundtrack.”

He was excited when he read the answer: “Post Malone.”

Then the next one: “Why wasn’t Cinderella any good at basketball?”

“Cuz those glass shoes lack ankle stability,” Kornet deadpanned, before revealing the answer: “She kept running away from the ball at midnight.”

Sam Hauser, Holiday, Tatum, and White closed it out: “What does a baby computer call his father?” “Data.” White approved, but Holiday wasn’t quite as amused.

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