Man arrested for setting fire outside Bernie Sanders’ Vermont office

A man was arrested Sunday for allegedly setting a fire outside the office of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) in Burlington, Vermont, according to federal officials. Shant Soghomonian, 35, formerly of Northridge, California, was charged with using fire to damage a building used in interstate commerce and as a place of activity affecting interstate commerce, after … Read more

Transcript: Avril Benoit, Doctors Without Borders executive director, and Janti Soeripto, Save the Children president, on “Face the Nation,” April 7, 2024

The following is a transcript of an interview with Avril Benoit, Doctors Without Borders executive director, and Janti Soeripto, Save the Children president, that aired on April 7, 2024. MARGARET BRENNAN: Over 200 humanitarian aid workers have been killed in Gaza since October 7. We’re joined by the executive director of Doctors Without Borders in … Read more

Transcript: Rachel Goldberg-Polin on “Face the Nation,” April 7, 2024

The following is a transcript of an interview with Rachel Goldberg-Polin, whose son 23-year-old Hersh has been taken hostage by Hamas, that aired on April 7, 2024. MARGARET BRENNAN: Parties are gathering in Cairo today to restart negotiations to release the more than 130 hostages being held by Hamas. Rachel Goldberg-Polin’s 23-year-old son Hersh is … Read more

Transcript: John Kirby, National Security Council spokesperson, on “Face the Nation,” April 7, 2024

The following is a transcript of an interview with Adm. John Kirby, White House National Security Council spokesperson, that aired on April 7, 2024. MARGARET BRENNAN: And we turn now to John Kirby, he is the Coordinator for Strategic Communications for the White House National Security Council. Welcome back. COORDINATOR FOR STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS, NATIONAL SECURITY … Read more

Secretary Yellen meets with Chinese Premier Li in Beijing: “We have put our bilateral relationship on more stable footing”

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Chinese Premier Li Qiang sounded a hopeful note on bilateral relations at the start of their Sunday meeting in Beijing. The U.S.-China relationship can only move forward with direct and open communication, Yellen told Li, after arriving in the Chinese capital from the southern city of Guangzhou. “The meeting was … Read more

Democratic members of Congress urge Biden administration to reconsider new Israel arms package

Democratic members of Congress urge Biden administration to reconsider new Israel arms package – CBS News Watch CBS News Nearly 40 Democratic members of Congress, including former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have signed a letter urging the Biden administration to reconsider a new arms package to Israel as civilian casualties mount in Gaza. Natalie Brand … Read more

Biden raised over $90 million in March, campaign says, increasing cash advantage over Trump

President Biden’s reelection campaign says he raised over $90 million in March, $25 million more than the $66 million raised by former President Donald Trump and allies. And Mr. Biden’s cash-on-hand advantage over Mr. Trump grew even bigger last month. The Biden campaign says the president began April with $192 million in his coffers, which … Read more

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. suggests Jan. 6 prosecutions politically motivated, says he wants to “hear every side”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who’s running for president as an independent candidate, suggested in a statement that the prosecutions of rioters who violently attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, might be politically motivated, a view that echoes that of former President Donald Trump and his allies. The statement came a day after Kennedy … Read more

Mayorkas denounces Gov. Abbott’s efforts to fortify border with razor wire, says migrants “easily cutting” barriers

Washington — Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Friday denounced Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s effort to fortify stretches of the southern border with razor and concertina wire as ineffective, saying migrants are “easily cutting” the barriers. “We do not consider concertina wire to be effective. It impairs Customs and Border Protection’s ability to do its job, … Read more

More than 300 passengers tried to evade airport security in the last year, TSA says

Washington — Hundreds of passengers circumvented or tried to circumvent various aspects of airport security to access secure areas of U.S. airports within the last year, according to the Transportation Security Administration.  Since March 2023, there have been at least 300 instances of people trying to bypass parts of airport security, the agency said Friday. Only … Read more

House Democrats pitch renaming federal prison after Trump in response to GOP airport proposal

Washington — After a group of House Republicans proposed renaming Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia after former President Donald Trump, a few of their Democratic colleagues responded by introducing their own bill that would bestow his name on a federal prison. The two-page bill, introduced Friday, would rename the Miami Federal Correctional Institution in … Read more

Meta to adjust AI policies on content after board said they were “incoherent and confusing”

Meta will adjust its policies on manipulated and A.I.-generated content to begin to label ahead of the fall elections, after an independent body overseeing the company’s content moderation found that previous policies were “incoherent and confusing,” and said they should be “reconsidered.” The changes stem from the Meta Oversight Board’s recomendations earlier this year issued … Read more

More than 500 New Yorkers set to be considered as jurors in Trump’s “hush money” trial

Several hundred Manhattan residents were recently sent notices to appear at the borough’s criminal court on April 15. Whether they know it or not, they’re under consideration to be jurors in perhaps the most high-profile criminal trial in U.S. history. Lawyers for former President Donald Trump and Manhattan prosecutors are poised to scrutinize more than … Read more

Israel, U.S. believe Iran is about to retaliate for Israeli bombing of Syria consulate, officials say

Israel and the U.S. are convinced Iran is preparing to retaliate for the Israeli strike on an Iranian consulate in Syria, U.S. officials say.  Israel on Monday struck an Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria, and killed a number of senior leaders of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, according to the Pentagon. The U.S. has picked … Read more

Congress returns next week eyeing Ukraine aid, Baltimore bridge funds and Mayorkas impeachment

Washington — Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat, laid out a long list of priorities ahead of lawmakers’ return to Washington next week, ranging from Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ impeachment trial to Ukraine aid and funding for the reconstruction of Baltimore’s Key Bridge.  In a letter to senators on Friday, Schumer … Read more

68,000 guns illegally trafficked by U.S. dealers over 5 years were used in hundreds of shootings, ATF says

Washington — More than 68,000 illegally trafficked firearms in the U.S. came through unlicensed dealers who aren’t required to perform background checks over a five-year period, according to new data released Thursday by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives. That represents 54% of the illegally trafficked firearms in the U.S. between 2017 and … Read more

Kristin Lyerly, Wisconsin doctor who sued to keep abortion legal in state, enters congressional race

A doctor who performs abortions became the first Democratic candidate in Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District on Thursday, entering the race for the seat opened up by the surprise retirement of Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher. Dr. Kristin Lyerly, an obstetrician and gynecologist, launched her candidacy two weeks before Gallagher’s expected departure date. Because of the timing … Read more

RFK Jr. campaign disavows its email calling Jan. 6 defendants “activists”

Washington — The campaign of independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. disowned language used in a fundraising email on Thursday that referred to those facing charges in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot as “activists” who have been “stripped of their Constitutional liberties.”  The email urged supporters to sign a petition calling for the … Read more

Emergency summit on Baltimore bridge collapse set as tensions rise over federal funding

Maryland’s congressional delegation will meet with Gov. Wes Moore and the director of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget Tuesday to discuss emergency funding for Baltimore and its response to the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, multiple sources familiar with the planning told CBS News. The meeting will be held Tuesday at … Read more

Judge denies Trump’s motion to dismiss documents case

Washington — A federal judge in Florida denied former President Donald Trump’s motion to dismiss the classified documents indictment against him, ruling the Presidential Records Act (PRA) does not shield Trump from charges that he unlawfully retained national defense information.  In a brief order issued Thursday, Cannon rejected Trump’s argument that a 1978 recordkeeping law … Read more

No Labels abandons plans for “unity” ticket in 2024 presidential race

Washington — No Labels, the centrist political group, is abandoning its effort to draft a third-party “unity” ticket to run in the 2024 presidential race, the organization announced Thursday.  The group, which has worked for months to gain ballot access in states across the country for potential candidates, said it only planned to pursue a … Read more

Judge orders Border Patrol to quickly relocate migrant children from open-air sites in California

A federal judge in Los Angeles ordered U.S. border officials to quickly process and relocate migrant children from makeshift open-air sites in Southern California where advocates have documented squalid conditions. In a 12-page order issued Wednesday, Judge Dolly Gee of the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California found that the children, who … Read more

Alabama hospital to stop IVF services at end of the year due to “litigation concerns”

An Alabama hospital says it is stopping IVF treatments at the end of 2024, citing litigation concerns. It follows a tumultuous few months in which the state’s supreme court ruled that frozen embryos created through in vitro fertilization, or IVF, are considered children, and then a new state law was passed to offer more legal protection for … Read more

Migrant border crossings dip in March, with U.S. officials crediting crackdown by Mexico

Washington — The number of migrants apprehended along the U.S.-Mexico border dipped in March, internal government statistics obtained by CBS News show, a surprising trend that American officials say mainly stems from an immigration crackdown by the Mexican government. Border Patrol agents apprehended over 137,000 migrants who crossed the U.S. southern border unlawfully in March, … Read more

Biden and Netanyahu set to speak for first time since deadly Israeli strike on World Central Kitchen convoy

Washington — President Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are set to speak Thursday for the first time since an Israeli strike in Gaza killed seven aid workers, including one American, from the World Central Kitchen charity.  Mr. Biden on Tuesday said he was “outraged and heartbroken” by the deadly strike, which prompted international … Read more

New rule could make it much harder for Trump to overhaul federal workforce if he wins in November

Washington — The government’s chief human resources agency issued a new rule on Thursday making it harder to fire thousands of federal employees, hoping to head off former President Donald Trump ‘s promises to radically remake the workforce along ideological lines if he wins back the White House in November. The Office of Personnel Management … Read more

Judge refuses to delay Trump’s “hush money” trial while Supreme Court weighs presidential immunity

Trump gag order expanded in hush money case Trump pays $175 million bond in fraud case, judge expands gag order in hush money case 03:19 Washington — The judge overseeing former President Donald Trump’s criminal case in New York rejected his last-minute bid to delay the start of the trial until after the U.S. Supreme … Read more

Arizona organizers say they have more than enough signatures for an abortion ballot measure

A group hoping to put an amendment enshrining the right to abortion in Arizona’s constitution said Tuesday that they had gathered enough signatures for the measure to qualify for the ballot in November. There is a requirement for the collection of 383,923 signatures of support for constitutional amendments in Arizona, and Dawn Penich, communications manager … Read more

Man who used megaphone to lead attack on Capitol police sentenced to more than 7 years in prison

A Washington state man who used a megaphone to orchestrate a mob’s attack on police officers guarding the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6, 2021, riot was sentenced on Wednesday to more than seven years in prison. U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth said videos captured Taylor James Johnatakis playing a leadership role during the Jan. … Read more

Republicans eye an electoral vote in Nebraska that could be decisive in Trump-Biden contest

A lone electoral vote in Nebraska could have a decisive impact on the 2024 presidential election.  And that reality is now being seized upon by prominent Republicans.  Nebraska is a reliably red state in presidential races. The last Democratic presidential candidate to win statewide was Lyndon B. Johnson over half a century ago.  But Nebraska … Read more

Biden touts inhaler price drops with Bernie Sanders: “Finally, finally we beat big Pharma”

Sen. Bernie Sanders and President Biden joined forces Wednesday at the White House, championing the progress they’ve made on lowering the cost of inhalers and other expenses for Americans with asthma.  Mr. Biden and Sanders also called on Congress and pharmaceutical companies to do more to curb prices. “Bernie, you and I have been fighting … Read more

Justice Department announces nearly $80 million to help communities fight violent crime

Washington — The Justice Department is set to invest nearly $80 million in additional funding to support community violence intervention programs across the country as part of the federal government’s multifaceted strategy to counter years of rising crime rates, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced Wednesday.  At the same time, Garland said federal law enforcement officials … Read more

NHTSA is over five months late in meeting deadline to strengthen car seats

Over five months after telling Congress a proposed regulation to strengthen vehicle seats to make them safer would be published “in the coming months,” the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has yet to meet a congressional deadline it missed last November.  In the infrastructure law signed in November 2021, Congress gave the National Highway … Read more

Sen. John Fetterman says “I thought this could be the end of my career” when he sought mental health treatment

Sen. John Fetterman, a Pennsylvania Democrat, said a year after he received treatment for depression that at the time, he thought his career could be over. “When I decided to check myself in I thought this could be the end of my career,” Fetterman said Wednesday on “CBS Mornings.” The interview was conducted with the … Read more

Biden and Trump win primaries, but some results show some voters still prefer another candidate

Biden and Trump win primaries, but some results show some voters still prefer another candidate – CBS News Watch CBS News President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump won their respective primaries in four states Tuesday, but the results showed some voters still preferred another candidate. The political protest vote against Biden’s handling of … Read more

Enid, Oklahoma voters boot city council member with white nationalist ties

Enid, Oklahoma — Voters in the northwest Oklahoma city of Enid ousted a City Council member who has ties to white nationalism, according to unofficial results posted Tuesday on the Oklahoma Election Board website. With all four precincts reporting in Enid’s Ward 1, results show voters chose to recall 42-year-old Judd Blevins. They instead selected Cheryl … Read more