Canada Gunfire, two killed including a woman

Canada News Toronto of Canada resounded with the sound of gunfire. Two people, including a woman, were shot dead here.

The suspect who carried out the crime has also been found dead. However, the police have not yet revealed the identity of anyone. The incident was carried out near a day-care and boys school.

A man and a woman were shot dead in an office in North Toronto, Canada. The suspect who attacked has also died. The day-care facility and the Catholic All-Boys Elementary School were closed due to the firing. After this, parents reached the school to pick up their children. Outside St. George Mini School Day-Care, parents hugged their children after finding them safe.

The deceased were involved in financial transactions

Detective Sergeant Al Bartlett has informed that the deceased man and woman were involved in the business of financial transactions. Both used to work together. We believe that there was a fight regarding financial transactions. The person who carried out the crime is also among the dead.

How did the attacker die?

The authorities have kept the identity of the victims and the attacker secret for now. First, their families will be informed about the incident. Bartlett refused to comment on whether the suspected attacker committed suicide or died in some other way. He said that this is still a matter of investigation.

Graphic designer told the whole story

Bartlett said that no child was injured. There is no way from inside the building between the daycare center and the incident site. Graphic designer and photographer Shahrukh Biniaz’s studio is in the same building where the incident took place. Shahrukh narrated the entire incident. He said that a heavy explosion was heard. There was also an argument between people in the reception area.

Police reached the spot immediately

Shahrukh said that when I came out of my office, I heard some argument in the reception. After this I went back to my desk. Two minutes later I heard a second explosion. I left my office again. When I heard the sound of a fight, I went out of the building from the back door and called 911. After this, I heard the sound of bullets. He told that the police reached the spot immediately.

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