Brookhaven residents complain about Google Fiber installation work

The city of Brookhaven has received dozens of complaints that Google Fiber’s work in Brookhaven is disruptive.

The telecom giant has been laying the groundwork for faster internet service across the city for six months.

Brookhaven City Councilmember Michael Diaz said he’s been receiving complaints about Google Fiber damaging property like invisible dog fences and irrigation systems.

“These are things that are in the right of way and should not have been, and I’m trying to educate residents about it,” Diaz said.

More than 40 residents have submitted issues in 2024 using the city’s reporting system Brookhaven Connect, which sends an alert to Google Fiber.

“[Google Fiber] has been responsive. Their response is not always as quick as the residents want it,” Brookhaven Assistant City Manager Patrice Ruffin said at the May 28 City Council meeting.

Property may be torn up for a while, Ruffin said. Google Fiber will come back at the end of the designated work area and make repairs “all at the same time.”

“It just depends on where [Google Fiber] is in the project and what section the particular home is in, but that’s not inconsistent with other utility work, like Georgia Power or any of the telecom companies,” Ruffin said.

Deputy City Manager Steve Chapman explained that Google has two teams: construction and repair.

“When they came through my district, I had to have a lot of expectation conversations,” said City Council member Madeleine Simmons. “They’re supposed to come back and fix it. It just might take a little bit of time.”

Brookhaven City Council unanimously approved an ordinance to establish a non-exclusive franchise agreement between the city of Brookhaven and Google Fiber Georgia for the installation of network facilities in the city’s right-of-way.

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