Breaking bread! Italian bakery owner gives away bread for free to protest rising electricity prices

Amid the energy crisis, entrepreneurs are among the most vulnerable sections of society. Electricity costs are rising; many small businesses are losing money and going bankrupt. Against this backdrop, Oberdan Cappa, owner of the Panificio Molino Urbano in the Italian city of Bologna, decided to put his unique stamp on the problem by giving away free bread.

“Today, I will give bread to the people who need it. It is a symbolic action: rather than paying the bills, we offer bread. It is a symbolic protest that I wanted to make to attract attention to this issue, which concerns bakeries, butchers, pastry shops, and all those who use energy to work,” said Oberdan Cappa.

Footage filmed in Bologna on Wednesday shows Oberdan and volunteers handing out bread to anyone who wants it. Among those present were many activists and journalists.

Oberdan opened his bakery in 2015, but this is the first time he has faced such difficulties. According to Oberdan, “energy costs and raw materials we use have tripled, so in such a condition, they bring the category of small artisans to their knees. And I have a business that works quite good; this is the paradox”.

During the event, Northern League city councillor Matteo di Benedetto came to support the initiative. Still, many did not like it, and there was a verbal altercation between activists and Matteo di Benedetto, which party is part of the current Italian government.

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