Bosnia and Herzegovina: ‘This is a disaster’ – River known for breathtaking scenery becomes floating rubbish dump

The Drina river, as it passes through the town of Visegrad, was seen covered in rubbish in footage recorded on Sunday. The natural landscape, usually of breathtaking beauty, turned into a floating dumpster.

Waste like plastic bottles and bags accumulate in the river. “I’ve seen everything. From dead animals to bags full of injections from some hospitals”, commented a resident, Strajin Furtula.

“Unfortunately, this is a disaster”, said another neighbour, Miljan Nikolic. “One big mock not only for Visegrad but also for the entire region”, he described.

During winter’s rainy season, waste from surrounding dumpsters ended up in the Drina river. Reports estimated around 10,000 cubic metres of litter cover the waters.

According to local media, environmental activists complained about a hydroelectric plant a few kilometres upriver from the dam near Visegrad being the source of the problem.

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