Biden Campaign Reveals It Raised $28 Million Ahead of Star-Studded Fundraiser With George Clooney, Julia Roberts

The Biden campaign revealed that it had raised more than $28 million ahead of a star-studded fundraiser with actor George Clooney and other celebrities.

Along with Clooney, actress Julia Roberts, late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, and other celebrities, will be attending the fundraiser on Saturday evening with President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama.

The Biden campaign stated that it had already raised more than $28 million ahead of the event, according to CBS News.

This exceeds the $26 million that was raised in March during a Biden campaign fundraiser with Obama and former President Bill Clinton.

Other celebrities such as actors Jack Black and Jason Bateman, actress Connie Britton, and singer Sheryl Lee Ralph, along with many others, will be in attendance at the fundraiser, according to the outlet.

The outlet noted that the fundraiser would “feature a moderated interview of Biden and Obama by Kimmel” with a focus on health care.

Saturday’s star-studded affair will feature a moderated interview of Biden and Obama by Kimmel that is expected to be focused on health care. Kimmmel has been a public advocate of the Affordable Care Act, passed by Obama and Biden, after his newborn son had open-heart surgery in 2017.

The star-studded fundraiser for Biden comes as the president has been attending the G7 Summit in Italy.

Breitbart News previously reported that Biden would be skipping a peace summit held by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to attend the fundraiser with Clooney and other celebrities.

In Biden’s place, Vice President Kamala Harris and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan attended the peace summit in Ukraine with Zelensky.

The fundraiser for Biden comes as the president recently received an all-time low net approval rating. Biden’s approval rating was reported as being 37.6 percent, while his disapproval rating was 57 percent. This equaled a -19.4 percent net rating for the president.

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