Ben Platt gets personal with ‘Honeymind,’ tour

Here’s something shocking about Ben Platt: He’s not a multi-tasker.

For someone who has won a Tony, Emmy, and Grammy (and deserves acting and writing Oscars for the tender, silly joy that is “Theater Camp”), Platt likes to focus on one creative endeavor at a time.

“As I’ve gotten older, I try to look at the compass and let what is really exciting and fulfilling and innately or authentically passionate (determine the next project),” the 30-year-old told the Boston Herald ahead of his tour opening show at the Boch Center Wang Theater on June 18. “I like to be in a zone where I can give my whole self to one project at a time.”

Finding zones where Platt can do that can be tough. Since busting out in the “Pitch Perfect” movie series and originated the title role in Broadway blockbuster “Dear Evan Hansen,” he has been in demand in Hollywood, on Broadway, and at his own concert gigs — Platt’s latest tour celebrates his third album, “Honeymind,” and its deeply personal songs.

“Honeymind” was chiefly written in Nashville by Platt and a few collaborators. And the songs have a bit Nashville Americana to them. But there is also a Laurel-Canyon-in-1970, campfire-and-fireflies, summer-into-fall, singer-songwriter mood to the LP, much of which was inspired by fiancé and fellow actor/singer/writer Noah Galvin.

“I didn’t go in with a stylistic plan, but by virtue of the writers I was working with and where I am in my life, feeling a little more settled and comfortable, I wanted (the record) to be a little more unadorned and straight forward,” Platt said. “As I started writing, I started listening more to artists that I love like Paul Simon and Fleetwood Mac, Carole King and James Taylor.”

What Platt didn’t get from those favorites was the queer experience. With “Honeymind” being so personal, that experience had to be present.

“I loved this cross-section of that world and sound with an expressly queer perspective,” he said. “I got a kick out of that combo.”

Platt writes about early relationships but many of the songs are directly connected to his fiancé. Some might assume that meant Platt wrote in secret, hiding away songs. Nope, he shared them with Galvin.

“I’m not good at keeping things close to the vest,” Platt said. “When I’m making any kind of art, I feel so excited to share it right away, especially with Noah. A huge part of our relationship is that we are both artists and we love to collaborate and give each other feedback.”

Now he’s ready for his fans’ feedback.

Platt’s career tends to keep him in New York or Los Angeles. This tour will take him from Boston to Austin, Salt Lake to San Diego, plus a score more far flung cities. Taking his own art on the road is important to Platt because of the album’s queer content.

“New York is such a wonderful place where you could probably find a lot of different shows that might have similar messaging or narratives (to my album),” he said. “But there are many places I am going where I feel like it will be a little more vital to have a show like this, a safe space like this, which brings me so much joy.”

“But honestly, the main thing is how much I love to perform live,” he added. “I don’t think there’s any replacement for this kind of connection with fans and with audiences.”

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