Beacon Hill location of Savenor’s, acquired by Wulf’s Fish, to close

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The Cambridge location of Savenor’s Butcher Shop will remain open.

The Beacon Hill location of Savenor’s Butcher Shop is set to close June 22. The news comes after the legacy butcher shop was acquired by Wulf’s Fish, an online Boston-based fishmonger, seen here. Handout

The Beacon Hill location of Savenor’s Butcher Shop is closing, just weeks after it was announced that the legacy meat market was acquired by Wulf’s Fish

Alisha Lumea, director of marketing and brand strategy for both Savenor’s and Wulf’s, said the decision to close the Beacon Hill store June 22 was made because of plans the company has to expand on e-commerce, much like Wulf’s Fish has already done. It’s also worth noting that Wulf’s hasn’t had a retail space since 2016 and instead has relied on online sales and wholesale.

“It’s really about focusing on priorities and being able to meet people where they shop,” Lumea said.

That said, Lumea assured the Cambridge location, the legacy butchery that brought in notable customers like the Kennedys and Julia Child, will remain open. 

And everything will stay the same at that store, except the fish case already there will now feature Wulf’s Fish products, Lumea said. 

Improving the e-commerce experience will include providing more information on the site in order to answer customer questions, something guests typically feel they can only have answered in store, Lumea said. That will probably look like a chat system feature or email between the store and guests, she added. There are also plans to make the site more user-friendly. 

They also hope to expand their reach for online delivery more easily outside of Greater Boston.

“An improved e-commerce experience definitely was part of our plan,” Lumea said. “We’ve seen a lot of growth there, so has the store. Being able to do that even better was going to be a natural next move.” 

Wulf’s Fish, a Brookline fish market first when it opened in 1926, announced in May that it had acquired Savenor’s, which opened in Cambridge in 1939. At the time, the only plans made public as a result of the acquisition was that the Savenor’s shops would carry Wulf’s products. 

The Beacon Hill butcher shop was never meant to be a second store, but was rather a replacement following a fire that burned down the original Cambridge shop. In 2005, the family returned to Cambridge, opening up a second store on the street of the original location. 

“It’s not going away — it’s just closing one location to refocus online,” Lumea said.

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