Bangladesh: Protesters rally in Dhaka against energy prices rising and govt policies

Protesters marched in Dhaka on Thursday expressing their discontent about energy prices rising and governmental policies.

During the gathering, the demonstrators held signs denouncing the current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and asking for their voting rights to be respected.

Earlier in the end of January country’s main opposition party, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, has called for nationwide rallies to pressure the government to take action against exorbitant prices which came after the central government cut subsidies on the utilities.

Bangladesh has been trying to meet loan conditions put forth by the International Monetary Fund. The South Asian country and the IMF, headquartered in Washington DC, agreed on an aid program totalling $4.5 billion (4.14 billion euros) last November. However, to receive the loan, the IMF imposed several conditions, including cutting subsidies in several sectors, including the power and energy sectors. According to local media, the government had raised prices for electricity and gas to meet the conditions.

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