As a supporter of Nikki Haley, I am now asked how Trump could earn my vote. Here’s my answer.

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) Nikki Haley waves to supporters during a rally at The Noorda Center for the Performing Arts at Utah Valley University in Orem, on Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2024.

On Tuesday night I attended my first Republican caucus. It was somewhat chaotic, due to computer glitches, but I was profoundly impressed by the sense of civic duty on display that night. Even though we had our differences, we were respectful of one another. I cast my vote for Nikki Haley at the caucus, and I am now asked by her to think about how Donald Trump could earn my vote in the general election.

I believe I have an answer.

Donald Trump needs to stand trial for his 91 indictments. He needs to be judged by a jury of his peers and found not guilty on all charges. Nothing short of this would earn my vote. I will not vote for a person for president who will not meet his accusers in a court of law and submit himself to a trial by jury. Donald Trump’s delay tactics are an affront to all of us, and particularly to the decent people who organized the Caucuses on Tuesday night. In my opinion, he diminishes all of us with his behavior and he certainly cannot earn my vote while he continues to degrade the American people, Republicans and Democrats and independents, with his insistence that he, and he alone, is above the law.

I do not ask anyone else to share this opinion. I simply ask them to think about it.

We are better than the malevolent circus that Trump is conducting. And let me be very clear. Although I am a registered Republican, I will vote for Joe Biden and not a third party candidate if Trump continues to evade his trials. Joe Biden is old, he took too long to take the border crisis seriously, and there are a number of other important disagreements I have with him. But his conduct as president is unimpeachable and the conduct of his opponent is, in contrast, disgraceful.

Aaron Bertram, Salt Lake City

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