America’s elected representatives must stop playing games with support for Ukraine

(Tyler Hicks | The New York Times) Ukrainian troops from the 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade on Jan. 29, 2024, in former Russian-held territory outside Bakhmut that they regained control of last month.

Writing from the perspective of a retired, native-born citizen of the United States, I can no longer restrain from keeping quiet on the negligence that our Congress has demonstrated in working to address not only our domestic problems but also those that affect the entirety of mankind. It seems pretty clear that we have a number of congressional reprobates who have abandoned the American principles of freedom and the defense of democracy for only their perceived personal political benefit, not for the good of the American citizenry as a whole.

Support for Ukraine is a big one with which they play games. I cannot understand the unwillingness of those in Congress to supply Ukraine, the David, with the figurative stones to drive the Goliath, Russia, away.

Most concerning is the total lack of consistency. Do you remember the Gulf War? Kuwait had been invaded by Iraq, and we sent in not only equipment, weapons and munitions, but we actually sacrificed American soldiers to get the job done.

Ukraine, on the other hand, is asking for no other country to provide troops to help them defend their nation. They ask for only equipment and munitions (almost all of which would be manufactured in this country). It’s pretty hard to push Goliath back without having the stones that you need to throw at him. And this Goliath is being driven by a man who wants to be remembered as great.

Vladimir Putin is for Putin, not Russia. This is evidenced by his continual threats of a nuclear war if things don’t go his way. His threats are indicative that Russia and the world aren’t as important as he is personally. I believe that if he can get away with invading another democratic independent country, he will do it again for his personal glory.

With this said, I wait for our elected representatives to show America what or for whom they stand.

Richard Roginski, West Point

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