Afghanistan: Residents of shelter for internally displaced suffer dire living conditions amid deadly winter in Kabul

Residents of a shelter for the internally displaced in Kabul faced dire living conditions in freezing temperatures.

Footage filmed on Saturday shows families living in makeshift buildings without roofs or doors.

“Last days at least four people died including a woman due to cold weather and still the rest of their family members suffer diseases. They are hospitalised at home, there are a lot of diseases that these people suffer because the weather is cold and they don’t have anything to fire even they don’t have food to eat“, said Nesar Ahmad, a representative of the shelter.

Jamila, a displaced woman living with her children in the shelter said “This year the winter is very cold, there are no opportunities and people suffer economic problems. As you see these children are orphans, the way we warm ourselves is that these children collect and bring plastics to burn.“

Nazi, another resident said “We can’t keep ourselves warm because of the very cold weather. As you see this child suffers from diseases too.“

At least 78 people have died of cold in Afghanistan during the country’s worst winter in more than a decade with temperatures dropping to -34°C amid a severe economic crisis.

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