7 Best research paper writing services: popular U.S. companies reviewed

It is no wonder that college, high school, and graduate students are looking for research paper help online. Unfortunately, writing a research paper is challenging, and by getting some help online we mean hiring a company that provides academic writing services and research paper assistance.

There are a lot of companies providing research paper & term paper writing services out there, and not all of them are good. This is why we want to help you to find the top seven companies providing excellent college research papers.

If you are looking for the best research paper writing service, we are confident you will find it on this list.

The 7 Best Research Paper Writing Services:

  1. PaperHelp 🥇: Best Paper Writing Service Overall

  2. BBQPapers 🥈: Best Service for Term Papers

  3. SpeedyPaper 🥉 : Best in Punctuality

  4. 99Papers: Best for Non-STEM Research Papers

  5. EssayPro: Best for ESL Students, Cheap Service

  6. Studdit: Best for STEM Papers

  7. ExpertWriting: Best for Editing & Proofreading

When searching for a professional research paper writer, it is essential to note that there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Some people may need professional paper writers that can tackle tough niches. Some may need their professional paper writers to be fast. Others may have a small amount of cash, so they need their term papers to be done to a budget.

This is why each of the following seven services that provide academic writing will bring something different to the table. If you are looking for an online paper writer, go through each of these services and see which one is right for you.

What we can tell you, however, is that all of these are reputable writing companies helping people to achieve academic success. They all have an impressive track record and countless positive customer reviews to help back up their service.

Let’s jump in and help you to find a company to produce some written papers for you. Here are the seven best research paper writing services in the U.S. according to thousands of reviews:

1. PaperHelp: Best Paper Writing Service Overall


  • Over a decade in business.

  • Hundreds of writers available.

  • All papers are Turnitin-proof, without the use of AI.

  • Thorough research ensures great quality.

  • Service is completely anonymous.


With almost 15 years in the custom research paper writing business, it is safe to say that PaperHelp is good. Companies could only write research papers for this long if they demonstrated that they could offer quality paper writing services.

Their paper writing services start at just $13, but it will be dependent on how many pages you need. However, don’t worry. You will always be offered the best paper writer for the job when you pay.

When you get a custom research paper from PaperHelp, you can be sure that it is plagiarism-free. This is one of the few paper writing websites offering a free plagiarism report to show that your paper is safe to hand in. Of course, you can also get free revisions if you are not happy with the company’s writing style. Although, based on the number of positive reviews, this is unlikely.

While PaperHelp can offer fast delivery (sometimes in one to six hours), this does push the price up a little bit, so we wouldn’t suggest that you use PaperHelp for fast writing. Instead, this company will produce an online paper for your days, sometimes weeks, in advance.

This company is great if you already have your research proposals but don’t need the paper. Ordering this far in advance also means that you can make ample use of those unlimited revisions.

2. BBQPapers: Best Service for Term Papers


  • Highly qualified writers.

  • Excellent quality.

  • Free plagiarism report included.

  • Free editorial check and revisions available.


BBQPapers is one of those research paper writing companies that has been around for a while, but only a few people know about. This is a shame because it offers some of the best term papers. Although, part of this is because BBQPapers is not overloaded with work. This website charges per 100 words, so the prices begin at $17.55 per page (250 words).

BBQPapers is an excellent term paper writing service for getting a well-researched paper on any topic. We have gone through countless samples of theirs, and we can tell that the company knows how to nail that research paper format.

Furthermore, BBQPapers will help you produce something you can hand in. Once again, there are free revisions just in case you are unhappy. Although, since it offers native English speakers, you probably will be.

We love the support team for this site. They are always there to help you. The BBQPapers support team wants to ensure you always work with the best paper writer. Quality is the prime focus of BBQPapers, and it will ensure that it meets your high standards.

Prices are affordable, but the bad thing about this site is there isn’t a price calculator that would help you determine how much your project will cost. However, you can always get a free quote by talking to a customer support agent.

3. SpeedyPaper: Best in Punctuality



This is the best research paper writing service for those who need a paper written quickly and at an affordable price. SpeedyPaper offers research paper writing for as little as $9 a page. Although, once again, the cost of their research paper writing services will change based on what you need to do.

The company can produce quality work incredibly quickly. However, remember that while SpeedyPaper uses professional research paper writers, not all will be native English speakers. This means that you will need to carry out editing yourself. However, this should be fine and is expected from all research paper writing services.

Their research paper writers can tackle any niche. So, don’t worry if you are studying a unique subject at university. We are confident that the SpeedyPaper paper writing services will be able to handle it.

4. 99Papers: Best for Non-STEM Research Papers


  • Excels in the humanities.

  • Most experts hold advanced degrees.

  • Maintains good quality across all turnaround times.


When people first start looking to buy research papers online, 99Papers is one of the first companies to jump out at them. This company has been producing custom research papers for over a decade and have worked with thousands and thousands of college students. The prices start at $12.46 per page.

99Papers only hires native English speakers for their writing service. This means that your writing skills will be impeccable when you hire the team at 99Papers for your research project. Such services are tough to come by usually, particularly at this price point. You will have to do some revisions, which is standard for all essay services.

99Papers goes to considerable lengths to hand-pick their writers. People are only hired here if they can prove they are qualified. This means that you will always have a good-quality paper. The writers have proven they have achieved a high level of academic performance.

99Papers can produce papers incredibly quickly. While their service is not the cheapest, university students swear by it. It is still affordable. A price calculator on their site will tell you exactly how much you will be paying before you place your order.

You can request unlimited revisions with 99Papers. It is as easy as dropping a message to your paper writer and telling them what needs to be done.

5. EssayPro: Cheap Research Paper Writing Service, Best for ESL Students


  • Truly affordable service.

  • Great option for rush orders.

  • Bidding platform allows you to choose your expert.

  • Thousands of positive reviews.


Starting at just $10.80 per page, EssayPro has a reputation for being one of the cheapest online paper writing services out there. However, keep that from putting you off. If you need a quality paper writer with top writing skills, EssayPro is worth checking out.

This is one of the oldest services online. EssayPro has been offering research papers to those that need a professional research paper writer since 1997. So yeah. The company was founded after the birth of the modern WWW. When a company has been offering term paper writing services this long, it has been able to score some of the best writers for research papers.

The professional writers at EssayPro offer an excellent research paper writing service, but they can also provide any writing services that you need, e.g., dissertations, editing, proofreading, etc. The cost will change based on what you need. They are great for research paper writing help.

6. Studdit: Best for STEM Papers


  • Fast service with a 3-hour turnaround available.

  • Specialized expertise in STEM fields.

  • A wide variety of services available, including calculations, problem solving, and equations.

  • Regular discounts offered.

  • Quick and efficient order process.


If you are looking for exceptional writing services for your STEM assignments, then Studdit is an excellent choice. However, Studdit doesn’t just offer paper writing. Their professional writers can also help to produce a great research proposal for you, a staple of many academic papers.

Prices at Studdit start at as little as $13 a page, which isn’t too shabby. More extended and more in-depth research papers may cost a little more, but nothing too crazy. Those writers do need to be paid, after all.

One of the cool things about Studdit is how quickly their research paper writers can produce a custom research paper for you. When it comes to research paper writing services, the company is one of the fastest around.

For a small extra fee, you can have the custom research paper writing service wrapped up in as little as three hours. Perfect for those that don’t start looking for professional writers to produce their academic papers until the last minute.

Almost all of the team that offers research paper writing here is based in the U.S. and Canada. We know that Studdit only uses native speakers for papers it writes.

Studdit is a small name when it comes to paper writing, primarily due to the lack of social media presence. However, we can assure you that Studdit offers one of the best research paper writing services.

7. ExpertWriting: Best for Editing & Proofreading


  • Writers can mimic your writing style.

  • Meticulous copy-editing and proofreading services.

  • Samples available for gauging quality.

  • Lucrative referral program that allows you to earn discounts or withdraw money.


Not only does ExpertWriting writes decent-quality research papers from scratch, it only provides top-notch editing services. ExpertWriting can review your written papers, identify any issues, and correct them. The price for editing tasks starts at $6, and at $10 for writing.

There are a lot of people that struggle with paper writing. However, they will do their best to produce something legible. ExpertWriting is a good choice if you need someone to polish your paper by working with the structure, grammar, and spelling.

The research paper help given by ExpertWriting can bump you up a grade. We have used this site in conjunction with other essay writing services.

The only downside with ExpertWriting is that its prices may be higher than you would expect for an editor. However, you have to remember that academic essay writing hinges heavily on structure and the overall flow of the paper. Therefore, the services provided are vital if you need the best grades.

How We Identified The Best Research Paper Writing Service

As you know, there are a lot of paper writing websites out there. So, this may have you wondering how we put together our list. Well, let’s explain the criteria that we used.

Positive Reviews

A research paper writing company will often have hundreds, if not thousands, of writers working for them. This is how it will produce your work so quickly.

This means that the writing quality can be sporadic. Everybody has their writing style, after all.

This is why we have looked at user reviews across various services. While we may have had a good experience with one company, our experience may not fully represent what a company can do.

Looking at how other people have experienced the research paper writing service provided by a company gives us more of an idea about what can be expected when you are looking for research paper writing help.

If a company achieves almost universally positive reviews for their research paper writing service, you can bet your bottom dollar that we will recommend it.


Let’s be honest. Most students are going to be struggling for cash. While students would likely love to throw a ton of money at a professional writer, it is only sometimes feasible.

We have opted to include sites with a good balance between cost and service. This means that we have yet to choose the cheapest of the cheap. Some services may offer prices as low as a couple of dollars per page. However, this type of writing service will never be worth it.

Of course, we made an exception with BBQPapers. However, it brought something different to the table, which helped to increase the research paper services’ worth.


Most students need more time to hang around for weeks for their custom research paper writing. In fact, having it completed within a couple of days (or even a few hours) is essential.

We have only selected services that have a ton of writers for their custom research paper writing. This means two things:

Of course, we always encourage you to order as soon as possible. The longer you leave it, the higher the price, and the less opportunity your research paper writer will have to make revisions.

Quality of Writers

As we mentioned, some companies will charge an exceedingly low price for their services. Avoid them. The quality of writing produced by the research paper service is vital.

A good research paper writing service will constantly vet their writers. They will be checking that:

In an ideal world, you will choose a research paper helper that only offers native English speakers. All of the companies on this list do. If you have a native English professional writer, then you are much more likely to end up with something that you can hand in and receive a high grade for.

Subject Areas Covered

Any research paper service worth its salt will have countless writers covering all subjects.

The services we have included on this page offer hundreds of different subject areas. It means that no matter how specialized the work needs to be done, there will be a writer to write it.


We have always gone through samples produced by these companies. While we order our own sample research papers from them, the samples give us a good idea of their overall writing standard.

Couple this with other people’s experiences (which we mentioned at the beginning of this section), and we have a solid idea about which companies are great.

Ordering From Professional Research Paper Writers

We understand that many of you may be using these services for the first time. So, we decided to go through how easy it is to place your order. It is just five exceedingly quick steps.

Pick a Service

This part should be dead simple. We have already told you about the best services around. Go through each of the seven websites, and we are confident that at least one of them will offer what you need.

Remember, choose the site based on how much you have to spend and how quickly you need that work completed.


Again, easy. Most sites will have a quick sign-up process. To ensure that their customer’s details are kept private, they will require only a minimal amount of information from you.

If you are a first-time customer on a platform, you can enjoy extra special discounts. Although, it doesn’t matter too much if they aren’t there. Most places should be affordable anyway.

Place Your Order

Again, this is simple. Most sites will have a form to fill in. You can enter information such as:

The site will then tell you how much you need to pay for your custom paper. If you want to pay, then follow the checkout process. You will typically be able to pay with your credit or debit card. Some companies may also accept PayPal, which is a bit more convenient.

Talk To The Writer

When you place your order, you will typically give your writer enough details so they can get to work immediately. However, they still may drop you a message now and then.

If the assigned writer asks you any questions, then answer them. It will result in a far better piece of work.

Download and Edit Your Work

Once the writing is complete, it will be sent to you. The site will normally have a download system that you can use. Contact customer support if you are unhappy with the work and ask for edits.

If you are happy with the work, edit it in your unique writing style and submit it to your school/university.

FAQ: Research Paper Services Explained

Is There Any Risk With Purchasing a Research Paper?

Assuming that you use a reputable provider, there should be no risk. All seven sites we have listed on this page are reputable. You should be fine.

You should only choose companies that offer quality writers. You will also want to ensure that they guarantee that your research paper will be plagiarism-free.

This is part of the reason why we look at reviews for a variety of companies. It allows us to see other people’s experience with that company. So, for example, if people have noted plagiarism or low-quality work, we tend to recommend something other than that provider.

How Do You Find The Best Research Paper Writer?

Most services will not allow you to choose your writer. This is why it is so important to choose an online research paper writing site that goes to great lengths to ensure all of its writers are vetted.

It would be best if you didn’t spend too little on a writer. We know that it can be tempting to get the lowest possible price. Students only have a little cash, after all. However, if you are paying under $9 a page, you won’t end up with something good.

If you read customer reviews and look at writing samples, this should give you an idea about how good a company is.

Can You Order Complicated Research Papers Such As Legal or Medical Research?

Yes. However, only some research paper writing services will offer this. This is because both legal and medical writing requires highly-experienced writers.

In our experience, PaperHelp is one of the best providers of legal and medical writing. This is because it has experts in these fields of study on their team. These experts will know how to research properly and provide you with a paper that should help you to achieve a high grade.

Why Should You Use a Research Paper Writing Service?

Sometimes, it is too challenging to produce academic papers with the frequency that many educational establishments want you to write them. Still, there are plenty of other reasons you may want to use a service like this.

Some people just aren’t cut out for research paper writing, even if they are academically gifted.

If you struggle with writing your papers but thrive in every other area, using a service like this could benefit your overall grades.

These services will be run by people that know what a research paper requires.

Even if you only need part of the paper written, these services can help to edit what you have already produced. Again, this can lead to a grade boost.

Many research paper helpers can produce papers exceedingly quickly. Quicker than you would likely be able to. This means you can order your research paper even if your deadline quickly closes in. Although, we always recommend that you order your writing as far in advance as possible.

Using these services is now easier than ever before. For example, you can order a research paper in just a few minutes.

Is It Easy To Order a Technical Research Paper?

Yes. However, you must use the right company for it. For example, a technical research paper will require writers that have specialist knowledge.

If a non-expert has produced a technical research paper, then you can bet your bottom dollar that your tutors will be able to tell.

We recommend BBQPapers for technical research paper writing. The company has some of the most experienced and highly qualified writers, and they cover most subject areas.

Is It Easy To Order a Survey Research Paper?

A survey research paper can take a lot of work to produce. Most companies will not offer them due to the sheer amount of work that needs to be poured into making something great. One of the few companies that provide survey research papers is BBQPapers. This company has a vast number of writers that cover the more specialist research paper writing areas.

How Can You Stay Safe When Ordering a Research Paper Online?

Always use reputable companies. The companies listed on this page will go to great lengths to protect their customers’ details. It means that nobody will ever know that you are ordering a research paper. Even the writer won’t know.

Make sure that any company you use offers some plagiarism guarantee.

You will also want to carry out editing of anything that a company produces for you. This way, you can be sure it is written in your voice. Your tutors will be less likely to spot that you have used an online writing service.

Conclusion: Order An Essay Writing Service Today

Research papers are the bane of any student. The writing process isn’t exciting at all as they are tough to write, but they contribute to a good chunk of your final grade. Some students can’t hack them. Their brain doesn’t think like that. Others get overloaded with college papers and need more time to complete them.

When it comes to research paper writing services, a company that may be good for one person may not necessarily be good for another.

We have given you seven different sites on this page. Check out each of them. See which suits your needs the best.

All of these services are great. We are confident that no matter which service you end up ordering from, you can be sure that your research paper will be completed to the highest possible standard.

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