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Here’s what BuzzFeed editor Chelsea Stuart has to say about it:

The versatile treadmill is super lightweight and simple but it still keeps track of your speed, steps, time, and distance. The aluminum-reinforced hydraulic handrail allows you to start, stop, pause, and increase or decrease speed just like any other model. While the standard Treadly is controlled with a remote, the Treadly 2 works with an IOS app where you can set daily or monthly goals, join live groups, or compete against friends. I just got the Treadly 2 which has been massively helpful during quarantine. My mom was the only one home when it was delivered and despite being only 5′ tall (she’ll tell you she’s 5’2″), she managed to get it into the house and up a full flight of stairs because she’s just that stubborn. (She does now admit it’s a two-person job, however.)

Setup is a breeze as it’s literally already put together — all you have to do it plug it in. The controls are easy to use and once you pair it with your smartphone, the app instantly recognizes whenever you turn the treadmill on. Beth (aka my mom) has an Apple watch so she used the activity tracker on there to see if the distance and calories matched up between Apple’s tech and Treadly’s tech and they did so she gives that a thumbs up. After walking on it for a few weeks (roughly an hour per night, four nights a week), her favorite things are: The switch functionality (great for interval training), how stable it feels both on carpet and laminate or hardwood (she tried both), and overall ease of use (‘it feels like you’re walking on an airport people mover!’). Her only advice for Treadly — if you’re listening — is to add a cupholder accessory LOL.”

Get it from Treadly for $749+ (originally $849+; available in Basic and Plus models).

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