France: ‘We are victims of injustice’ – Hundreds rally in Paris to call for release of French detained in Iran

Hundreds of friends and families of the French citizens jailed in Iran gathered in Paris on Saturday to call for the release of the arrested French citizens. According to the French foreign ministry, seven French citizens are currently in Iranian prisons, alongside dozens of foreign nationals, some of which were allegedly accused of espionage by … Read more

Germany: ‘Negotiate instead of sending tanks’ – Dozens gather in Berlin to protest arms deliveries, call for peace

Dozens of The Left party supporters gather in Berlin to protest arms deliveries and call for peace in Ukraine, as footage filmed on Sunday shows. The anti-war demonstration rallied under the motto ‘Stop the spiral of escalation – negotiate instead of sending tanks.’ “Only a negotiated peace will help to bring this miserable dying of … Read more

Israel: Hundreds of protesters march against government in Jerusalem

Hundreds of joined another round of anti-government protests in Jerusalem on Sunday amid an upsurge of violence in the Palestine-Israel conflict. Protesters marched in support of the opposition and against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing government’s judicial reform, among other policies. Speaking during an interview, a protester commented on the recent upsurge of violence in … Read more

Serbia: Hundreds join religious march in Belgrade demanding Kosovo to ‘remain part’ of country

Hundreds of protesters marched through the streets of Belgrade on Sunday, in a religious march demanding Kosovo to ‘remain part of Serbia’. Footage shows activists marching with icons, crosses and Serbian colours. Speaking during an interview, a protester said “I came here to support the efforts of the Serbian people so that our holy land … Read more

Pakistan: ‘The turnout is quite big’ – Thousands run in 4th Commissioner’s Karachi Marathon

Thousands of runners on Sunday took part in the 4th Commissioner’s Karachi Marathon at Nishan-e-Pakistan Seaview to promote peace and sports in the city. “My legs are paining but I will try my level best to win,” said participant Sana. “This kind of activity should be arranged every month, or every week on Sundays”. Footage … Read more

This is Bocuk Night! Crowds of dressed-up residents take part in Turkish Halloween celebration in Camlica

Crowds of spookily dressed residents took part in a frenzied celebration of Bocuk Night, often referred to as local Halloween, in the village of Camlica on Saturday. The footage shows dancing partygoers scaring the locals. The celebration drew people from various parts of the country, including Tekirdag, Kırklareli and Istanbul. During the festival, people dressed … Read more

Bosnia and Herzegovina: ‘This is a disaster’ – River known for breathtaking scenery becomes floating rubbish dump

The Drina river, as it passes through the town of Visegrad, was seen covered in rubbish in footage recorded on Sunday. The natural landscape, usually of breathtaking beauty, turned into a floating dumpster. Waste like plastic bottles and bags accumulate in the river. “I’ve seen everything. From dead animals to bags full of injections from … Read more

Japan: ‘We must create a child-first economy, society’ -Kishida announces plan to tackle country’s declining birth rate

Japan is facing an urgent risk amid a record-low birthrate and ageing population, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced during a parliamentary session in Tokyo on Tuesday. “Due to the rapidly declining birthrate, the number of births last year is expected to fall below 800,000, placing Japan standing on the verge of whether we can … Read more

Turkmenistan: Former president becomes ‘national leader’

The Chairman of Turkmenistan’s Upper House of Parliament and Former President Gurbanguli Berdimukhamedov was declared national leader of the state following a parliamentary session in Ashgabat on Saturday. During the session, the People’s Council of Turkmenistan, Halk Maslakhaty was established, the council, which will be an independent representative body exerting supreme constitutional authority of Turkmenistan, … Read more

Iraq: Clashes erupt around Swedish Embassy in Baghdad as hundreds of protesters rally against Quran burning

Clashes erupted between protesters and Iraqi security forces, protecting the Swedish Embassy in Baghdad on Monday, days after Danish far-right politician Rasmus Paludan burned a Quran in front of the Turkish embassy in Sweden. Hundreds of protesters could be seen throwing stones and water bottles toward officers, who in turn attempted to disperse protesters. According … Read more

Belgium: ‘Don’t dismiss the results of Ramstein’ – Borrell claims ‘good result’ on Kiev tanks negotiations

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell said that talks on support for Ukraine at Ramstein air base achieved a ‘good result’, despite the lack of a decision on sending tanks to Kiev, ahead of the Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels on Monday. “In Ramstein, there has been a very good … Read more

Spain: ‘A really great club’ – Atletico Madrid welcomes Dutch forward Memphis Depay

Netherlands forward Memphis Depay was welcomed to Atletico de Madrid by club President Enrique Cerezo during a press conference at the Metropolitano stadium on Friday. Atletico signed 28-year-old Depay for approximately three million euros on a two-and-a-half-year deal from La Liga rivals Barcelona. “Dear Memphis, welcome to Atletico de Madrid. We know that you will … Read more

China: Beijing sees influx of Spring Festival tourists after zero-COVID U-turn

Beijing is welcoming tourists for the Chinese New Year holiday, for the first time since lifting its stringent three-year-long COVID restrictions, as seen in footage captured on Saturday. The Chinese capital’s bustling Qianmen Street was filled with decorations ahead of the coming of the ‘Year of the Rabbit’ on Sunday, January 22, and street vendors … Read more

Germany: ‘We have had enough’ – 55 tractors invade central Berlin as part of farmer’s protest

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of central Berlin on Saturday to demand environmentally friendly agriculture reforms as part of the annual ‘We have had enough’ demonstration. Footage shows the procession being led by 55 tractors as it made its way towards the Brandenburg Gate. Protesters were seen waving flags and banners with messages … Read more

Peru: Over 200 protesters arrested as police storm university campus in Lima 

Police stormed the campus of the National University of San Marcos in Lima on Saturday to arrest hundreds of protesters for illegally trespassing the campus. Footage shows police arresting several protesters and transporting them on a bus them away after scuffles broke out during the incident. According to local media, 205 people were taken into … Read more

Afghanistan: Residents of shelter for internally displaced suffer dire living conditions amid deadly winter in Kabul

Residents of a shelter for the internally displaced in Kabul faced dire living conditions in freezing temperatures. Footage filmed on Saturday shows families living in makeshift buildings without roofs or doors. “Last days at least four people died including a woman due to cold weather and still the rest of their family members suffer diseases. … Read more

France: ‘The government is arrogant as usual‘ – Tensions run high in Paris as protests against pension reform continue

Tensions ran high at a protest against in Paris on Saturday against the pension reform announced by French president Emmanuel Macron. Protesters burned trash cans in the streets, while facing a large police presence that was deployed to prevent the event from escalating. Speaking during an interview, a protester said “The government is arrogant as … Read more

Iraq: ‘This joy is indescribable’ – Thousands celebrate national football team’s gold in Arabian Gulf Cup

Thousands of football fans gathered at Grand Festivities Square in Baghdad on Friday to celebrate the Iraqi national football team’s sensational 3-2 victory over Oman on Thursday, winning the Arabian Gulf Cup for the first time since 1988. “This joy is indescribable. I mean, we have not been happy since 2007. This is the first … Read more

Spain: ‘We are running out of sand’ – Protesters demand govt action on shoreline regression in Madrid

Hundreds of protesters spilled sand in front of the Congress of Deputies in Madrid, Saturday, to raise the government’s attention for the regression of beaches. Protesters, among them residents of up to 40 towns on the Spanish east coast, emptied sandbags and poured water over the sand on the ground, demanding the government to take … Read more

Germany: Dozens rally in Berlin supporting Ukraine and supporting Russian political prisoners

Dozens rallied in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on Saturday to protest against Russia-Ukraine conflict and in support of political prisoners in Russia. Rallies were organised by jailed Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny’s supporters in more than 60 cities all over the world. The fraud case against Navalny was initiated over two years … Read more

China: Kunming prepares for Spring Festival after lifting longstanding COVID restrictions

Locals and travellers in Kunming prepared for the Spring Festival holiday for the first time in three years, after lifting longstanding COVID-19 restrictions in China, Saturday. Footage features traditional red lanterns, people in local outfits dancing together, women dancing on stage, and visitors watching the performance. People were also seen drawing and writing calligraphies and … Read more

India: Thousands of Hindu worshippers flock to Ganges river in Prayagraj to wash off sins during Mauni Amavasya

Thousands of Hindu worshippers gathered on the Ganges river bank in Prayagraj’s Sangam ghat on Saturday to perform a spiritual swim on the occasion of Mauni Amavasya. Sangam was filled with crowds of worshippers who entered the water and performed rituals on the Ganges river bank. It is believed that one should be silent as … Read more

Poland: ‘It’s not our war’ – Hundreds protest against Polish involvement in Ukraine

Hundreds of people participated in an anti-war demonstration in Warsaw on Saturday. Protesters rallied against Poland’s involvement in the war in Ukraine and opposing government’s support for Kiev in the conflict with Russia, with signs reading slogans such as ‘This is not our war’. The protest was organised by the nationalist organisation ‘Compatriots – Comrades’. … Read more

Israel: Tens of thousands protest Netanyahu govt’s judicial reforms in Tel Aviv

Tens of thousands gathered in Tel-Aviv on Saturday to protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government. The protest was directed against judicial reforms announced earlier this month by new Justice Minister Yariv Levin which will give lawmakers increased powers over the Supreme Court. According to police estimates around 100,000 protesters participated in the rally. Netanyahu … Read more

Serbia: 2 missing in Novi Pazar as floods wreak havoc across south of country

Two people were missing after floods wreaked havoc in Novi Pazar on Friday.Footage shows rescuers and volunteers searching for the missing, while drone footage revealed the extent of the disaster. Speaking during a press conference, Ismail Dupljak, Chief of Staff for Emergency Situations Novi Pazar said, “Our fellow citizens who disappeared have not yet been … Read more

USA: Washington to designate PMC Wagner as ‘significant transnational criminal organisation’

The Russian Wagner Group will be designated as a “significant transnational criminal organisation“, said White House national security council spokesperson John Kirby in Washington DC, Friday. Speaking during a press conference, Kirby stated that the US will impose additional sanctions against the group. „The department of treasure will be designating Wagner as a significant transnational … Read more

Pakistan: Hundreds of cars queue in roads after heavy snowfall in Balochistan

Hundreds of cars jammed on roads left impassable by snowfall in Balochistan on Friday. Footage shows hundreds of cars queuing and driving with drivers helping each other to organise movement in unusual conditions. Earlier heavy rain and snowfall affected traffic in Northern Balochistan with authorities declaring emergency and deploying technical staff to deal with consequences … Read more

Spain: Brazilian footballer Dani Alves transferred to prison on sexual assault charges

Former Barcelona footballer Dani Alves was transferred to prison without bail in Barcelona on Friday. Footage shows police van carrying Alves leaving the courthouse on Friday evening. Aleves was arrested on the same day after returning to Spain from Mexico. The 39-year-old defender who is playing for Pumas UNAM in Mexico, is accused of sexually … Read more

Germany: Canadian DefMin outlines $400 million air defence system, 200 armoured vehicles to Kiev – but dodges question on tanks

Anita Anand, Canada’s Defence Minister, announced that her country will donate a multimillion dollar air defence system and 200 armoured vehicles to the Ukrainian defence forces, but avoiding getting drawn into the row over German-made tanks, during a press conference at Ramstein air base on Friday. “On Wednesday, I was in the capital of Ukraine, … Read more

France: Climate protesters spray-paint Paris bank for financing East African pipeline project

Environmental activists spray-painted the facade of a bank in Paris on Friday to protest a loan against a pipeline project that the institution is co-financing in East Africa. Members of Extinction Rebellion and other groups spray painted the facade and the entrance of BNP Paribas at Place de l’Opera. Protesters also blocked streets and posed … Read more

China: Beijing to keep up constructive role in resolving Ukraine conflict peacefully – MOFA spox

China will continue to play a constructive role in peacefully resolving the Ukraine crisis in its own way, said Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) spokesperson Wang Wenbin in Beijing on Friday. Speaking during a press briefing, Wenbin stated “China has been actively committed to promoting peace and talks. China will continue to play a … Read more

IPTV Platforms: Vital Questions Answered

IPTV is an Internet Protocol Television. It is used to deliver video content to viewers’ devices. In comparison with traditional delivery methods like cable or satellite, IPTV is the most advanced. It provides convenience and flexibility to viewers. No wonder people are switching to IPTV services, and businesses are launching their own IPTV platforms. Let’s … Read more

Qatar: Messi trains with PSG stars in front of 30,000 fans ahead of Ronaldo’s Riyadh IX match

World cup champion Lionel Messi and the star-studded line-up PSG squad held a training session at Khalifa International Stadium in Doha on Wednesday, ahead of a friendly match in Riyadh against Cristiano Ronaldo-led-combined XI of Saudi Arabian teams Al Nassr and Al Hilal in Riyadh. Messi, Kylian Mbappe, Neymar, and Achraf Hakimi participated in the … Read more

Brazil: Hearing for ex-justice minister Torres held in Brasilia over alleged collusion with Congress rioters

A hearing for former Justice Minister Anderson Torres’ was held in Brasilia on Wednesday after the ex-security chief was arrested in connection with the attacks on key state offices in the capital earlier this year. His lawyer could be seen leaving a police station after the hearing.Torres was arrested at Brasilia International Airport on Saturday … Read more

Serbia: State of emergency declared in Sjenica after heavy rain causes floods

A state of emergency was declared in Sjenica after dozens of buildings were flooded on Wednesday following torrential rain across southwestern Serbia. Footage showed the overflowing Grabovica river, flooded streets and buildings while residents could be seen reinforcing their houses with sandbags in an attempt to shelter their belongings from the water. “Around 11 o’clock, … Read more

Italy: 2nd hideout of mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro found in Campobello di Mazara

amoItalian authorities found a second hideout of Sicilian mafia boss Matteo Mossina Denaro in Campobello di Mazara on Wednesday. In the hideout, a bunker that was built under an apartment, police found precious stones and jewellery according to media reports. Another hideout was found in an apartment in Palermo on Tuesday. 60 year-old Messina Denaro … Read more

UAE: Leaders of GCC, Egypt, Jordan and UAE meet for fraternal talks in Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates hosted a fraternal consultative meeting with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) leaders and several Arab leaders in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday. During the meeting, leaders discussed the importance of coordinating positions, and consolidating Arab joint work to address these challenges and pave the way for a more stable future in the region. … Read more