Spain: Investigations ongoing after suspected letter bomb blast at Ukrainian embassy in Madrid

Police investigators continued their inquiries at the scene of an explosion at the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid on Wednesday. Footage shows a team in hi-viz police jackets on the premises at Ronda Abubilla, Piovera, with officers and vehicles forming a blockade across the road. Media outlets quoted a police source claiming one employee at the … Read more

Work out while you wait! Singapore bus stop trials outdoor gym for passengers to feel the burn

An exercise initiative in Singapore is trialling gym equipment a bus stops, as shown in footage filmed on Monday. Footage shows commuters burning the calories using a static bicycle for the legs and an upper body ergometer for the arms. The ‘Recharge’ project is a collaboration between the Singapore Ministry of Health and students at … Read more

UK: ‘Just Stop Oil’ marchers slow traffic in London to demand end to new exploration licenses

A group of “Just Stop Oil” activists slowed down the traffic in central London on Wednesday to demand the suspension of oil and gas exploration licenses in the north of the Scotia Sea. The footage features activists preparing and later marching with orange-colour banners reading ‘Just Stop new Oil’ and chanting ‘No new gas, No … Read more

Romania: NATO membership off the table ‘if Ukraine fails to prevail’ – Stoltenberg

At a press conference on the second day of the NATO NAC meeting, alliance chief Jens Stoltenberg said Ukraine’s main task now was to safeguard its independence first and foremost. “If Ukraine does not assert itself as an independent sovereign state, then the question of membership, of course, will not arise at all,” Stoltenberg told … Read more

Belgium: ‘Russia must pay!’ – Von der Leyen plans Russian asset-freeze, UN-backed tribunal

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen outlined the EU’s plan to seize Russian assets and create a specific UN-backed court to investigate what she described as ‘Russia’s crime of aggression’ in Ukraine, during a statement in Brussels on Wednesday. “Russia must also pay, financially, for the devastation that it caused. … And we have … Read more

State of Palestine: ‘America is the enemy of the homeland’ – Gaza fans support Iran against US in World Cup

Palestinian football fans gathered in Saad Sayel Sports Hall in Gaza City on Tuesday, to watch Qatar World Cup match between Iran and United States. The Palestinians showed their support for Iran national team with chantings and flags, rooting for the Persian country to win and make it to the knockout stages. “We encourage Iran … Read more

Latvia: Christmas decorations spark controversy over swastika-like symbols

A Christmas tree decorated with Ugunskrusts, an ancient Latvian mythological symbol resembling a swastika, was spotted in Lielvarde on Tuesday. Swastikas have been featured in Latvian folklore for centuries, however, the tradition has sparked controversy on many occasions. During the NATO summit of 2006, organisers asked local craftsmen to avoid using the symbol, sometimes referred … Read more

Qatar: Thousands of Dutch fans dance their way to stadium ahead of World Cup clash with Qatar

Thousands of Dutch fans marched in the legendary Orange Fun walk to Al Bayt Stadium on Tuesday ahead of their match against Qatar in the FIFA World Cup 2022. The orange bus march has already become a tradition before the Netherlands matches at the tournament. During the public gathering, the fans chanted football chants, cheered, … Read more

Qatar: English, Welsh fans enjoy beer in Doha pub ahead of their national teams’ World Cup clash

Dozens of English and Welsh fans were seen drinking beer in Doha’s Red Lion British pub, on Tuesday, ahead of their national teams’ clash for the last matchday of the 2022 World Cup group stage. The fans were seen chanting and signing, while dressed in their countries’ national teams’ jerseys. “Tonight there’s gonna be a … Read more

State of Palestine: One killed, three injured in clashes with Israeli forces following funeral procession in Hebron

One Palestinian was killed and three others were injured in Hebron on Tuesday, following the funeral procession of Faid Muhammad Mahmoud Akhalil (44 years old), who died after his critical wounds sustained last night by Israeli army bullets after storming the town. Thousands of Palestinians could be seen marching in the streets before the fire … Read more

Romania: ‘Patriots and transformers are what Ukraine needs’ – Kuleba on NATO summit

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba demanded military and energy assistance from NATO members, during a joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, ahead of the North Atlantic Council meeting at the level of foreign ministers in Bucharest on Tuesday. “We need air defence: IRIS, HAWKS, Patriots and we need transformers, when we have … Read more

Germany: Scholz ‘very happy’ about Qatar gas supply deal

German chancellor Olaf Scholz on Tuesday welcomed a long-term gas supply deal with Qatar, after talks with the chairmen of the major international economic and financial organizations in the Chancellery. “I am very happy about the agreement with Qatar that has been concluded there by the companies and the possibilities that arise from that are … Read more

France: Medical, social workers go on strike to demand better wages and working condition in Paris rally

Hundreds of social and medical-social union members took to the streets of Paris on Tuesday to call for a strike and demand higher wages and better working conditions. Footage shows activists holding placards and walking from the Solidarity Ministry building to the Place de la République. “Many of our colleagues do not make the basic … Read more

Russia: Moscow’s Meshchansky Court evacuated during Yashin trial

The Meshchansky Court in Moscow began hearing the criminal case of former municipal deputy Ilya Yashin on Tuesday, although proceedings were interrupted and will continue on Wednesday. Maria Eismont, the politician’s lawyer, told journalists that the court session was adjourned due to a ‘sudden announcement of the evacuation of the building’. “We are adjourned until … Read more

China: Drone captures empty Chongqing streets as city registers record number of new COVID cases

Chongqing streets were left mostly deserted on Tuesday as the megacity registered a record number of new COVID infections. Although the city had not announced a lockdown, drone footage shows empty streets and overpasses around Guanyin Bridge, Jiangbei District, Chongqing. The city reported 8,000 new cases on three consecutive days, from Saturday to Monday. On … Read more

Qatar: Germany and Qatar sign long-term gas supply deal

Qatar’s Minister of State for Energy Affairs, Saad bin Sherida Al Kaabi and CEO of ConocoPhillips, Ryan Lance signed an agreement to provide Germany with liquefied natural gas for at least 15 years in Doha on Tuesday. According to the agreement, Germany will start receiving two million tonnes of LNG per year at the Port … Read more

Qatar: Fans divided over ‘flag’ row ahead of decisive Iran vs USA World Cup showdown

Football fans in Doha appeared split over whether political rows – specifically the one over a social media post concerning Iran’s national flag – would affect the must-win World Cup clash between Iran and the USA on Tuesday. “I think it’s gonna be fully charged, hundred percent, both sides. I think that history obviously adds … Read more

Chilean beekeepers produce honey in the middle of Tamarugal, one of the world’s driest deserts

Chilean beekeepers are producing honey in Tamarugal, one of the world’s driest deserts, as footage filmed on Sunday shows. The bees of Maria Eliana Jofre have a special condition. While the majority of these insects pollinate fruit trees, hers are pollinating tamarugos and carob trees, native species from the northern zone of Chile, allowing them … Read more

Cameroon: Rescuers at scene after landslide hits funeral ceremony in Yaounde leaving 15 dead

Post-accident damage control has been conducted after a landslide hit the funeral ceremony in Yaounde killing 15 on Sunday. Footage filmed on Monday features the aftermath of the deadly accident as well as rescuers and red cross staff working at the scene. The landslide took place on Sunday when people gathered on a football pitchfor … Read more

China: Street barriers installed in Shanghai amid COVID restrictions protests across country

Street barriers were installed in Shanghai as anti-COVID restriction protests hit major cities. Footage filmed on Monday features plastic and metal constructions alongside the empty roads as well as workers installing them. The protests started on Friday, November 25, in Urumqi after footage emerged of a fire in a residential building that reportedly killed at … Read more

Uruguay: Thousands of fans gather in Montevideo to watch World Cup match against Portugal

Thousands of Uruguayan fans gathered in Montevideo to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 match against Portugal, on Monday. Footage features crowds of fans wearing jerseys, holding national flags and cheering during the event. The match ended up with Portugal’s 2-0 victory with goals scored by Bruno Fernandes. “We played badly, I think we started … Read more

UK: ‘Excellent idea’ – Londoners on companies’ decision to switch to four-day week with no loss of pay

Up to 2,600 employees will be moved to a four-day week without cutting any pay as a hundred of British companies joined the 4 Day Week Campaign. Footage filmed on Monday in London features residents sharing their reactions to the initiative. “I feel like it’s going to increase productivity a lot … especially if you … Read more

Poland: Hundreds rally outside Kaczynski’s house on 104th anniversary of women’s suffrage

Hundreds of women’s rights activists gathered in Warsaw on Monday outside the house of Law and Justice party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski to mark the 104th anniversary of women’s suffrage in Poland. Footage features rally participants cheering, chanting slogans, and holding placards, some of which read ‘Kaczynski do not be afraid of the patriots’ and ‘We … Read more

Germany: Hundreds rally in Saxony against climate policy, high energy prices and arms deliveries to Ukraine

Hundreds took to the streets in Chemnitz, Saxony on Monday to protest the government’s climate policy, high energy prices, inflation and involvement in arming Ukraine. Footage shows protesters holding banners of the Alternative for Germany right-wing political party alongside signs reading “freedom” and “we are the resistance.” “In any case, it is of course about … Read more

USA: Washington supports Chinese people’s right to ‘assemble and to peacefully protest’

Washington supports the Chinese people’s right to ‘assemble and to peacefully protest’, White House national security spokesperson John Kirby said during a press briefing at the White House in Washington on Monday. “Our message to all peaceful protesters around the world is the same and consistent: people should be allowed … the right to assemble … Read more

USA: ‘We’re all keeping a close eye on this’ – WH spox on Elon Musk’s reforms of Twitter

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that the White House is ‘keeping a close eye’ and ‘monitoring’ radical Elon Musk’s radical reforms of Twitter, speaking during the White House press briefing from Washington on Monday. “We’re all keeping a close eye on this, we all monitoring what’s currently occurring, and we see with our … Read more

Spain: Postal workers rally for better working conditions, block traffic in Barcelona

Post workers rallied in Barcelona on Monday, calling for a strike to demand improvements in working conditions. “Postal workers are fed up with twelve years without being able to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement,” stated a protester. Footage showed hundreds marching in the street at rush hour time, some in work uniforms and some carrying … Read more

Qatar: Fans celebrate Brazil’s qualification for last 16 after victory against Switzerland

Thousands of fans celebrated Brazil’s qualification for the round of 16in Doha’s FanFestival zone, after watching Selecao’s victory match against Switzerland 1:0. The fans could be seen enjoying the match and celebrating Casemiro’s goal for the Selecao. “The game was awesome to Brazil. We watched a great game, Brazil won, in a nice place. Doha … Read more

Germany: Govt spox comments on protests in China, support of Polish airspace

The recent protests in China and German possible support of Polish airspace were discussed during the press conference of the German Federal Government spokespersons on Monday. The press officers revealed a new trend in the country’s policy of prioritizing a national vision in decisions in the area of health and safety. The German Government Spokesperson … Read more

Feeding frenzy: Hundreds of macaques enjoy ‘Monkey Buffet Festival’ in Lopburi

Locals and tourists descended on Lopburi in Thailand to witness hundreds of macaques enjoy the annual ‘Monkey Buffet Festival’ on Sunday. “It’s quite chaotic but I’ve heard to monkeys are distracted by food so not us, because we’ve had bad experiences with monkeys in the past,” admitted one student from Bangkok University. “It’s quite fun, … Read more

Belgium News: ‘It would surprise me’ if inflation has peaked – ECB’s Lagarde warns MEPs that interest rates will continue to rise

European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde said it would ‘surprise’ her if inflation had already peaked, while warning that interest rates could continue to rise, during an address at the European Parliament in Brussels on Monday. “I would like to see inflation having peaked in October, but I’m afraid I would not go as far … Read more

‘Metro this way!’ World Cup street marshals find fame ushering and entertaining football fans

Street marshals directing crowds of football fans from all over the planet in Doha streets have become one of the symbols of the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar while their chants “Metro, this way” have turned into an unofficial soundtrack for the football tournament. What started with monotonous shouts by so-called Last Mile Marshals, … Read more

Turkey: Chemical factory fire in Denizli sends up plumes of smoke

Surrounding vegetation ignited into high flames after a chemical factory caught fire in Turkey’s Denizli on Monday. Firefighting efforts were still underway to extinguish the fire which had started at the warehouse section of the facility in Kale Mahallesi of Pamukkale district in Denizli. No casualties have been reported in the fire according to Denizli … Read more

Italy: Search and rescue ops ongoing after deadly landslide of mud and debris hits Ischia Island

Search and rescue crews with heavy equipment, as well as volunteers, were seen working on Ischia on Monday, two days after a storm triggered a deadly landslide on the island. The torrents of mud, water and rubble hit the winter tourist resort and coastal town of Casamicciola Terme early on Saturday morning. Footage shows machinery … Read more

‘We drive out the winter and evil spirits!’ – Demon-like Perchten and Krampus folklore figures parade in Vienna

Thousands gathered to watch demon-like figures of German folklore – the Perchte and the Krampus – parade for the annual ‘Perchtenlauf’ (‘Run of the Perchten’) at the Prater fun fair in Vienna on Sunday. Footage shows the creatures, with their wooden masks and fur costumes, interacting with the crowds and scaring and amusing the children. … Read more

China: Beijing blames ‘forces with ulterior motives’ for linking deadly Urumqi fire to COVID policy

China blamed “forces with ulterior motives” for linking a deadly fire in the western Xinjiang region to strict COVID measures. “It is true that there are some examples of ulterior motives on social media, linking the fire to local policies to combat the epidemic. The Urumqi municipal government has held a relevant press conference to … Read more

Cuba: FM casts ballot as country holds municipal elections

Cuba held its first municipal elections on Sunday since the 2019 Constitution came into effect, as seen in the footage filmed in Havana. Cubans voted to choose more than 12,000 delegates to the Municipal Assemblies. Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parilla was among the locals who cast their ballots at a Havana polling station. Bruno … Read more

Mexico: Tens of thousands march through Mexico City to support Pres Lopez Obrador

Tens of thousands of demonstrators marched through Mexico’s capital city on Sunday to show support for president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) on Sunday. Footage features Obrador arriving at the monument, Angel of Independence, while supporters could be seen chanting, waving flags as well as holding placards and banners reading ‘True march through Mexico’, ‘I … Read more