Lisa of Belarus liked Mithlesh of Mumbai, the story reached from love to marriage, know


Mumbai-based travel blogger Mithlesh falls in love with Europe’s Lisa.
The couple gave information about their marriage by sharing the video on YouTube.
The story of its marriage is getting a lot of headlines on the internet.

New Delhi: It is said that a man’s life is full of uncertainties. Even yourself does not know when your life will happen. A similar interesting incident happened in the life of Mithlesh of Mumbai when he fell in love with Lisa of Belarus. The marriage of both the couples is getting a lot of headlines on social media.

In fact, when these couples met for the first time, both of them did not understand each other’s language. Despite this, both of them gave heart to each other. But the story of talking to each other is very interesting, Lisa knew only Russian and Mithlesh knew English. In the initial days, both the couples used to talk to each other with the help of translator.

After all, how did the couple meet, how did both of them give heart to each other? He has shared this whole story in a video.

Mithilesh is a travel blogger by profession, while his wife Lisa is a resident of Minsk (Belarus). Mithlesh told that he had gone to Russia for the first time in March 2021. Then a person named Priyanshu advised him to go to Belarus and explore the things there. Although initially Mithlesh was not keen to go there. But as soon as he reached there, his view of the country changed completely. After that Mithlesh told that many friends from Belarus had joined on his social media. One of them was his friend Vikha. Although in the beginning there was not much conversation between them. Once his social media friend Vikha called Mithlesh on his birthday in Malaysia. It was there that Mithlish met Lisa. From there the conversation started between the two, that too through a translator. Mithlesh told that although I used to know a little Russian, Lisa did not know English at all.

Later they exchanged their number and a conversation started between the two. After some meeting, Mithlesh felt that he had found a life partner in the form of Lisa, so he proposed to Lisa. During this, Mithlesh met Lisa’s family and he attracted them by speaking fluent Russian. However, professional quality analyst Lisa also helped Mithlesh learn Russian.

Mithlesh told his family about Lisa. Mithlesh’s family members also liked Lisa. After almost a year of talks and getting to know each other, both the couple tied the knot in Belarus on 25 March this year. The family members of both the couple were also present during the wedding.

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