Gopalganj: Not even 1300 street lights were installed in five years! Now how will it cost 5500 in a month?

Report – Dhananjay Kumar

Gopalganj. To illuminate the city, 7000 street lights were to be installed and this contract was awarded five years ago. Five years later, the situation is that the city is almost the same. One reason is that the contracting company has installed barely 1,300 lights and secondly, most of them were of such quality that they were poor. On the one hand, the incidents of theft and robbery are increasing due to darkness in the streets, while on the other hand the officials of the city council are running away from the whole matter. These officers, who are escaping by blaming the contracting company, do not even know how much the contract was awarded and how much has been paid to the company for barely 20 percent of the work.

Less than 20 per cent of the lights installed under the plan to install about 7,000 street lights got damaged due to poor quality and lack of maintenance. The city council is saying that the maintenance work of the lights was also given to the agency. Overall, the troubled people are not being heard anywhere. Prashant Kumar Srivastava, a resident of Old Chowk Ward-16 of the city, said, ‘There were 12 lights in my locality, but now not a single one lights up. Every time there was a fault in the light, every time we got it fixed with our own money.

How are you doing away with the responsibility?

Srivastava clearly says that people also spoke to the ward councilor, but no one is going to listen. Same is the case with the whole city. Lights have been installed on many pillars, but hardly any are burning. What is the attitude of the council on this whole matter? Sandeep Kumar, executive officer of Gopalganj Municipal Council, says, ‘Under the agreement, the company Double ESL has to do maintenance as well, so we are not spending the money of the city fund in it.’

According to Kumar, the Bihar government had signed an agreement with Double ESL in 2017. So far about 1300 street lights have been installed. After reviewing the plan, the Principal Secretary has given strict instructions to Double ESL to complete the work. He said, ‘We are also talking to double ESL and the department. As far as it is expected that the work of installing lights will start till Dussehra while 700 lights surveyed will be installed till Diwali and Chhath. How will this happen? How much has been paid to the company? Kumar does not have the answer to these questions. He says that he has got the contract directly from the state, he does not know anything.

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