VIDEO: Mistake made again after speech, Joe Biden confused on stage? joke on social media


Once again, President Joe Biden was seen being ashamed of a mistake in a public forum
Joe Biden looked lost after he finished his speech and forgot to get off the stage.
The conference has so far added $14.25 million.

New York: The President of America, the world’s most powerful country, was once again seen being ashamed of a mistake on a public platform and this video of his incident is gaining momentum on social media. are going viral. Let us tell you that after finishing his speech during a program on Wednesday, Joe Biden appeared with a lost eye and forgot to get off the stage. Yes, this video of the President of America is from the Global Fund’s Seventh Replenishment in New York. Where he was seen addressing a convention, Biden turned to leave after finishing his speech and then stopped and he looked a bit lost.

This video has been shared by RNC Research on its Twitter handle. Let us tell you that this viral video has got about 2 million views on the Internet. After the video went viral, users took aim at him and one user wrote that “I think this is horror movie 3,” while another user made fun of him and wrote that stop Joe, go the other way Joe. Wait Joe, Listen Joe. Yes they need test.

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Let us tell you that this is not the first time that Joe Biden has made such a mistake. A few months ago in April, Biden was seen being embarrassed on social media due to another mistake, yes, it was seen in the video that Biden raises his hand to shake hands after the speech but no one is around Biden. was not.

The conference that Biden went to New York to address was organized to raise funds for sick people infected with AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria. Let us tell you that this conference has added an amount of $ 14.25 million so far. Which is the highest amount ever for any health organization.

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