Dream scriptures: what does it mean to dream of marriage, know in detail here


It is inauspicious to see the bride and groom in a dream.
The appearance of a procession in a dream is considered inauspicious.

Swapna Shastra: We have no control over what appears in dreams. There are many types of dreams. Some dreams are comforting and some are very frightening. Even though these dreams come while sleeping, but they are related to our life. In Sapna Shastra, the world of dreams has been explained in detail. Through which the signals coming from dreams can be understood.

Some dreams are auspicious and some dreams give inauspicious signs. come today Pandit Indramani Ghansyal Know from this that if someone starts having dreams of marriage, then what does it mean.

dream of own wedding
According to the dream scripture, if you have dreamed of your own marriage, then its auspicious meaning emerges. Dreaming of own marriage indicates that your married life will be happy. Love and affection will remain between the couple.

see the bride and groom
If in a dream the bride and groom are seen in pairs, then it means inauspicious. According to the dream scripture, such a dream means that there may be financial crisis in your life.

seven rounds dream
According to the dream scripture, if a person sees a couple taking seven rounds in a dream, it means that some calamity may come in your life in the coming time. Your work may fail.

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Bride’s Appearance
If you have seen a woman in wedding clothes in a dream, then it is a good sign of happiness coming in your life. You may get some good news soon.

seeing the procession in the dream
According to Sapna Shastra, it is considered inauspicious to see a procession in a dream. The meaning of this dream is a sign of some disease coming in your life. This means that you or any member of your family may have some serious illness in future.

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