Chole Chaat: On hearing the name of ‘Chole Wali Chaat’, water comes in the mouth, the taste has remained wonderful for 35 years

Report – Hina Azmi

Dehradun. Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, famous for its food, though many things are of great taste, but ‘Chole Wali Chaat’ of Vicky Chaat Bhandar is something else. People are enjoying the taste of their Chole Chaat for the last 35 years. Although every dish of Vicky Chaat Bhandar located in Karanpur, Dehradun is eaten with great fervor, but spicy chole chaat is not the answer. It is prepared with green chillies, onions, lemon, coriander and the finest spices, which no one can live without eating. People are drawn towards this shop due to its smell.

Kanha Chaudhary, who came to taste the chaat at Vicky Chaat Bhandar, told that he has been coming to this shop for the last 8 years. Here he has eaten many types of fast food, but most of all he likes to eat chickpea chaat. They have never found a taste like this anywhere.

Journey started from the train
Shop owner Shubham Prajapati told that his father started this business in 1987 by putting a handcart. Slowly people started coming and only after eating their chaat, people started liking them. Today many people come here from far and wide to eat their Chole Wali Chaat. The cost of a plate of Chole Chaat is Rs.40. After the chaat is ready, it is served in Malu leaves.

How to taste the spicy ‘Chole Wali Chaat’?
If you also want to eat this delicious ‘Chole Wali Chaat’ of Vicky Chaat Bhandar, then first you have to go to Survey Chowk in Dehradun. From here you can easily go to Karanpur, where Vicky Chaat Bhandar’s Chole Chaat has become a landmark.

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